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What I am proud of – Semester 1

I think I have learned different things in Semester 1 since this is my first year in middle school.

The first thing I am proud of myself is going to class on time. Im middle school, we change classrooms each time (mostly). Then, we need to go to class on time. The most difficult class change was Recess to Art because it is really far away to each other.

The second think I was proud of was volleyball. I never tried volleyball, but I challenged my self. I met different people there and really really had one. I think volleyball is my favorite sport now!

I am proud of myself during math class and Spanish class too. I am proud of myself during math because I could help my friends who has trouble. Also, I learned different ways to solve problems which I didn’t know before. In Spanish class, I learned different words which I wanted to learn. Also, I think Spanish is difficult compared to English and Japanese, so I want to learn more and be better at it.

We made buddys in class on the first day. My buddy was Ayaka. We had buddys to make sure our buddys on time and if they have trouble, we help them or try to solve the problem together.

Finally, I thought the most important thing to remember was to take care of our computers. I am proud of myself on computers because I didn’t forget my computer and didn’t have a problem at all. I did the software updates at least once in three weeks. Also I made files to keep my computer organized. My computer was fully charged at the start of the day and mostly, the battery maintained until the end of the day.