Final Reflection on Wellness

PSHE is a way where we can improve our wellness.


During Big Life Seminar, we learnt about different personalities and knowing yourself well. Before when I this I always find myself hard to describe to other people and because everyone has different sides, it is hard to interpret who you really are. After receiving the MBTI tests, I feel like I knew more about my strong point as well as my weak points. Strong points helped me become more confident and proud of myself and felt good about myself because I always thought that I did not have many strong points so I was very unconfident. Weak points made me think about what I have to be aware off. The more crucial thing about personalities is to learn to respect others. If we understand someone’s personality better, we would understand why somebody will take that action which we did not understand before. People do not change easily so by knowing their current personality, people in the surroundings can help the person to notice her weaknesses but not causing a conflict or dislike just because of the weak point of the particular person. I think that I started to become more respectful to others and I always try to analyse why somebody would take that action when I feel as if I dislike it. After analysing, I start to understand the situation better, so I can understand the person better.


The Big Life Seminar has improved my social and mental wellness. For social wellness, I think that I improved my understanding towards peers(personality wise) and for mental wellness, I have improved my mental ability to understand someone and reflect, analyse about it – think before you make a decision.


Behind the Scenes: Death of Romeo and Juliet

Outrageous! The feud between the Montagues and the Capulets caused the death of the innocent young couple. Who will be punished? Will the feud between the two richest families end? Are there any secrets behind the young lovely couple, Romeo and Juliet? The insider of the story, Friar Laurence reveals the secrets of Romeo and Juliet, including some of his own thoughts about the feuding.

Friar Laurence tearing up after our interview with him

Friar Laurence tearing up after our interview with him

You are the only insider of the young couple, Romeo and Juliet. Why did they choose you to be the helper of their forbidden love?

The main reason I chose to help them is because I had hoped to see the issues between Montagues and Capulets getting better. However, it did not splendidly like what I had thought. Instead, more troubles arose. I still chose to help the young couple because I did not want to see them getting apart only because of the feud between their families.

You said that you want to keep the couple together, so out of my curious, what do you think about the youthful couple and their love?

I guess the time right now is really different from the old times. I remember myself having a respectful, mature love with my wife, but I can only say that Romeo and Juliet’s love might be still immature. Well, they are happy together, so I don’t mind about it.

Well, Romeo and Juliet’s love was ‘love at first sight’, so do you believe in ‘love at first sight’?

I am only a priest, so I do not understand the love of young couple nowadays. This means that I don’t believe in ‘love at first sight’ since it is kind of childish, and you cannot know how the other one might be like after marriage, so it will be best to have a relationship as friends, and then going into a real relationship.

I agree with you, it is kind of immature. So, in your opinion, what is your view on love?

In my opinion, love is quite hard to understand. Looking at Romeo and Juliet’s, I think that love makes them go crazy. I can notice how painful Juliet is when Romeo is sent to Mantua, and how depressed Romeo was when he is being banished because he cannot see Juliet anymore.

Going back to the death of Romeo and Juliet, what do you regret about right now?

I felt really pressurised by how my wrong ideas might make the situation even worse, and it did. I really regret myself for putting Juliet and Romeo in such difficult situations. I wish I could have just sent the young couple to a place nobody will know, so they can live happily ever after. I know that I might get into the jail, but if they are happy, I can do anything for them.

The prince said, “some will be punished”. In this case, do you think that you should get punished or not?

(Sighs) Right now, the prince has not yet punished me, but I think that I should get punished. After the death of my favourite children, Romeo and Juliet, I have been having strange, horrible dreams. I feel guilty about my pure and noble thinkings, actions – I don’t want to feel guilty and frightened all my life. I rather go to the jail and start my life again. This should be the punishment the god gave me after all my miss-thinking.

What do you view about the feuding of the two families?

Unbelievable! (Facepalm) It is so distracting  for the citizens of Verona. Who would want to have “stupid wars” all the time in their town!? I don’t think the god even likes it. No one even knows why this argument happened, and it has become the great boundary for Romeo and Juliet. I wish anyone who has those boundaries will still go up to their love, this shouldn’t bother them.

What will you do again if you meet the same problem?

I don’t know. I really wish this(feud) ends and I don’t want to meet the same problem again. I will just be my priest.


まず、長所と短所について述べます。良くいったことはパームカードをいつも見なかったので、”読んでる”感じがなかっただと思います。また、ちゃんと相手の話を聞いてて、全部の質問について、”はい”だけではない答えでした。聞き手としても、質問がきちんとアルバイトのことと合ってました。しかし、短所はフレディーとの面接の時で、自らの質問が少なかったので、 もっと言うべきだった。











Myth about the brain

Screen Shot 0027-05-11 at 12.23.20

Ajifo, Allan. “Brain Lobes.” Flickr. Yahoo!, 30 Aug. 2012. Web. 10 May 2015.


The myth I am looking at is A conk on the head can cause amnesia (forgetting). This myth is about that a hit on the head can cause amnesia. Amnesia is a type of condition that wipes out all the past memory in a person’s brain. You can see this so often in movies. For example, The movie, The muppets, has a scene where kermit the frog got hit by the taxi and lost his memory after that accident. After that, there is a second accident that makes the him to recover from amnesia. It is a good event to use for entertainment, but if you look at people around you, it rarely happens that way.

Amnesia is caused by situations for example, stroke(It a problem that relates to the blood supply in the brain. Either a blood supply is blocked or a blood vessel in the brain ruptures is blocked), Encephalitis(brain inflammation that could be caused by a virus infection), oxygen deprivation( any situations that lessens the oxygen supply in the brain), skull fracture and some medicines(such as sleeping drugs).situations for example, stroke(It a problem that relates to the blood supply in the brain. Either a blood supply is blocked or a blood vessel in the brain ruptures is blocked), Encephalitis(brain inflammation that could be caused by a virus infection), oxygen deprivation( any situations that lessens the oxygen supply in the brain), skull fracture and some medicines(such as sleeping drugs).

The myth came from entertainments such as movies and books. A example of a book is the book Before I Go to Sleep. The character, Christine Lucas, suffers from anterograde amnesia because a car accident. A example of a movie is Fast & Furious 6. The character, Letty Ortiz, suffers from amnesia because of a big explosion. As I have said, this is all not true.

This myth is a social issue. It does matter that this myth exists because it more people believe which car accidents that has an effect on the brain, could cause memory loss(amnesia). People believe in that the current model is right because a lot of movies, books explains that this effect is true by including the event inside the movie/book.

A better, current theory about the working of the brain is that amnesia is not caused by head injuries like car accidents, but caused by head damage inside the brain and the skull.


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Responding to The Informercial

My personal barriers that keep me from being a better public speaker is my voice. This is also what my teacher told me that I can express myself really well, but I still have a soft, pleasant voice left inside. If you look at the infomercial above, I can find myself still having some soft, quiet voice, and no matter how much I have tried to make my volume go up, I can’t be as clear as Megumi. For example, the part where we show offer suggests that Megumi’s voice shows more enthusiasm and my one shows enthusiasm, but always as a little soft voice combined, which makes it a little bit unclear. Besides, the explanation can also show that the volume of our voices are so different and I think that the audience will like Megumi’s enthusiastic, happy voice better because it persuades people better and easier. It motivates them straight away.

I could break down those barriers by doing some vocal training before I present my speech. For example, I can play arpeggio on the piano and repeat it after playing it. I can also train my tongue and do some pronunciation practice. However, because I have always been speaking quietly in real life, it is really hard to change my volume of my voice. Mostly every time, the teachers always have to tell me to speak up(raise up my volume), but I will always think that it is my maximum volume.

They are physical barriers because the voice comes from you mouth. You move your mouth to create the voice.

Comparing books and films: The Outsiders

how faithful the movie is to the original story

Screen Shot 0027-04-19 at 16.56.39

Combining perspectives tests by Tiemen Rapati 


For the unit Perspective and Prejudice, grade 8 English classes had learnt from the novel, The Outsiders to learn about how to see things in different perspectives. After reading the novel, the grade 8 watched the movie version of The OutsidersBoth of the versions were all written very well, but the movie version was still a little bit different from the original story.

In the movie, Darry is emphasized more. He’s thoughts, feelings, actions made us understand better in the movie because he seems to be as important as Ponyboy in the movie. However, Sodapop is not as emphasized as much in the movie compared to the novel. He didn’t even appeared a lot of time in the movie, so if anyone that has never read the novel but seen the movie, they will not know how close Ponyboy and Sodapop is. The reason is the novel is written in first-person protagonist(Ponyboy), so the readers will follow and know how Ponyboy’s thinks about other people better.

In addition, the motifs/symbols were shown very differently in each of the texts. In the movie, after escaping from the death of Bob, Johnny and Ponyboy had to cut their hair so the police will not notice them. Ponyboy’s new hair is not greasy anymore- gold and innocent. The golden colour represents the poem “Nothing Gold can Stay”. Although people “turn green” as they get older, but Ponyboy will always “stay gold”. In the novel, it uses several motifs/symbols. It describes Dally and Darry having icy, blue eyes. Ponyboy describes Dally and Darry like that because he is less comfortable with them-they are more fearless and invulnerable. Besides, it uses Two-bit’s switchblade as an example of a valuable possession towards the greasers. Another symbolism of the switchblade is when Dally took the switchblade from Two-bit to fight against the Socs in the rumble. At last, Two-bit loses the switchblade when Darry was caught by the police and died- it links to the loss of Darry. It shows the individual power that has come from the hatred of Socs.

The tone and mood are also shown differently. In the novel, the mood of the characters are not as emphasised because it is written in first person. We will only understand and feel how Ponyboy feels about a certain thing. The mood of the characters and the tone of the characters are shown better in the movie. We can hear their voice and see their emotion on their face. The colours might also show the mood of the characters.

The movie and the book all has disadvantages and advantages.

Which do you think is better?



Responding to my speech

Clip #14 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I felt very regret and unconfident of how I did on my speech because I did not have a clear voice to persuade other people and I did not pronounce some of the words properly. However, I did well in giving clear evidences to support my statement. I have also given hand gestures to persuade to the audience about the topic more easily and clearly. I could have improved on projecting my voice more clearly and loudly. I have remembered that Megumi’s speech was projected very well. Even though her statements don’t move me, the voice was really pulling me into her speech which makes me agree with her statements.

I could use persuasive speeches in the future in order to persuade other marketing companies to buy products, in convincing people to help the world to become a better place or in persuading people to choose me as a president, CEO, boss and student council (etc). In my life now, persuasive speeches are needed to persuade students to choose me as a student council because students will see which speech moves them the most according to their voice, hand gestures, evidences and the structure of their speech. Students don’t want a student council who can not help the students or school properly, so the speeches have to be very thoughtful to convince the students. In the future, speech is useful in persuading other marketing companies to buy products because marketing companies will not accept any other companies products unless they persuade them in a very compelling and reasonable way. Moreover, those speeches will usually include a wordless presentation slide to give more clear information. The speaker would have to speak from their heart about how effective their products are.

We prepared our speech by first choosing a relevant and powerful persuasive topic. After that, we have to create the speech outline. The outline must be structured and organised into five main parts: introduction, body paragraph 1, body paragraph 2, body paragraph 3 and the conclusion. Then, we write our speech, but sometimes we don’t do it because we have enough confidence already. In the introduction, we separated into a hook and our opening statement. Body paragraphs are separated by a point, evidence, and summarising the main point. The conclusion is separated into summarising the whole speech and giving an ending statement. Now, this is the most important part. After outlining and writing the speech, it is time to prepare and practice for the speech. It is important to apply in a clear voice and hand gestures to have an effective speech. Organization of the speech and pronunciation of the words will also have to be effective. Also, a powerful speech needs a clear statement, clear evidences to be reasonable.   It is useful to know how to structure your speech because it will make the speech organised and make all the things have a link or connection towards each other. It is a very important part in the language world, we have to structure everything in order to make people understand better and also to make us understand better. It is important to be able to present my speech well, so I can persuade the audience to “adopt a pet”. It will move the audience and not allowing them to just sit in the seat and not thinking about anything.

Changing Minds: Changing Worlds – Language for emotional effect and change

Where Myths Are Born by Ken Whytock

Where Myths Are Born by Ken Whytock

In English, we had been learning about how do poems and advertisements create an effect on the world. We had done numerous activities to know the ideas of advertisements and poems better. Besides, we created poems and advertisements by ourselves; analysed which text is more powerful to change the world.

This unit is challenging for me because I am very poor in analysing and making poem. I can’t make a poem with very deep tone and mood. However, I also feel very happy about this unit because I have improved my grammar and my editing skills. Moreover, I learnt about persuasive techniques that make texts more effective and persuasive to the audience. To improve this unit, I wish to look at various techniques in order for us to know how powerful texts are.

In the previous paragraph, I have said that we made advertisements or poems. After we finished making them, we had actually put all the advertisements and poems which Grade 8 students made in the hallway in our school. It is exactly like an exhibition! Something I really liked from the exhibition is the texts from the coral reef group, This group is telling us that coral reefs are being destroyed by the rubbish we put into the seas. If coral reefs are destroyed, it means the homes of sea creatures are also being destroyed. I found one of the advertisements in the group especially attractive. It uses a very furious and devastated tone, which made me feel empty, depressing and overwhelmed. It uses colours like blue and light blue for the background, which symbolizes trust, faith, confidence and loyalty. The coral reef used a pink colour, which symbolizes an empathy, unconditional love and hopeful. The proportion of the ocean and coral reef is very different because due the amount of coral reefs we have now in the ocean. Therefore, the message is telling us to have hope and empathy to take action; stop throwing rubbish into the sea.

What moves me? From this unit, I have learnt to different types of texts to persuade people to change the world (globalisation and sustainability). I think that advertisement move me because it is more visual and straightforward. Poems need a little bit more explanations from teachers, otherwise I can’t understand poems extremely well.