How to be an independent and organised learner????

In our tutor class, we have to make our own SMART goals for semester 1. SMART stands for:






The goals for me are:

1. ENGLISH- I hope that I could improve on writing more specific but not getting too complicated by the end of the term. I want to improve on this goal because from my EAL(English Additional Language) teacher last year, she said that my answer is clear for the questions but sometimes it gets too complicated when I use some advanced words. Therefore, I want to get to use the advanced words correctly in a sentence and write a more simple writing or answers.


2.ENGLISH-I want to improve on my reading speed in 2 months. Reading speed well help me on read faster or on tests that has reading comprehension. If there is a reading comprehension on a test and I actually reads really slow than sometimes, I can’t finish the test on time. So, I will read more books(at least 5 books until the end of the term) and practise on those exercise that helps me to improve my reading skills.


3.HOBBY- I want to do more dance on weekends even though I don’t take any dance lesson. Dancing is like my favourite hobby now and I am achieving this goal now already because now I am almost done learning a dance that I was learning with my cousin the past few weeks. I wish this hobby can keep on going.




Math Reflection-_- (muhahaha!!:P)

In this math class, which is 7B math class, we had Mr.Fedley as our teacher. This semester we studied ratio, algebra, angles and statistics.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 2.23.43 PMI did a lot of activities this semester. For the ratio unit, we did a blog post on using ratio to estimate sizes. Me and my friend Ashley use the computer to estimate the size of a door. We also did a another activity on explaining different types of ratio. My partner was also Ashley. We did a ratio for the number of the stairs in one of the buildings in YIS to the number of stairs in another building in YIS. In addition, we went to the YIS cafeteria and did a ration on the number of chairs in the left side to the number of the chairs in the middle of the number of the chairs on the right side.

For the algebra unit, we didn’t actually do any activities because we were mostly focusing on the textbook work.

For the angle unit, we did an activity on making our own angle questions and then let other students to answer.


anglestudents to answer.

For the statistics unit, everyone have to find 20 data in the real world or on the internet. Then, we have to find the mean, mode, median and range. I found the data of  the teams reaching top four in FIFA World Cup. It was actually pretty hard because it has a  lot of numbers so it’s very easy to get a mistake.

The data

The data

I found ratio the most challenging because the age problems that uses ratio is very hard to understand and work out. However, as I practice more and more by myself at home, I got better at it.

Next year, I want to focus more on ratio from this semester’s unit. Although, I got better at  the age problems, I still want to focus more on it because it’s very hard to understand and ratio things are very easy to forget for me. I am scared that I will forget all of it during the summer break, so I wish that I could focus on ratio again next year.

Ambasador of 2:1 programme(iPad advice)

(This google doc has all the basic information)

Advice for G7 students when using an iPad:

Haiku deck

Haiku deck

Use the apps inside iPads in a very creative way and try to use your iPad and computer balanced. Check out the coach’s eyes, it’s very useful for analyzing a thing that’s about P.E. Check out Haiku deck too. It’s a good presentation app. If you want to get pictures, the app automatically gets pictures from the creative commons.  Try to use iPad and the computer both balanced. Don’t use one of them too much or one of them too less.


Advice for parents on what should parents know about the iPads:

IPad is a very useful advice for helping students to take pictures or do other things that you cannot do that good or you can’t do it in the computer. Having both devices will make your child think more imaginatively and more creatively in a way. Make sure your child has a balanced time of using iPad, don’t let the iPad distract the child, otherwise they might not do any homework.

Advice for the teachers on what should teachers know about the iPads:

 IPads could be very use for most of the projects. If you make the students use two devices in one project, it will make the students have more apps to use and more choices. Try to always make a project that uses both computer and iPad, it has more choices for students while doing that project

IPad has things that computers can’t do, but computer also has things that iPad can’t do. Therefore, if you

iPad mini

iPad mini

combine these two technologies together, you have more ways of doing different kinds of things.


How did the first ice-cream shop in Japan come to Yokohama? Explain why is Yokohama the home of many “Japan firsts”

How did the first ice-cream shop in Japan come to Yokohama? Explain why is Yokohama the home of many “Japan firsts”

Yokohama Research Question Presentation – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

(The presentation is the presentation for the question How did the first ice-cream shop in Japan come to Yokohama? Explain why is Yokohama the home of many “Japan firsts”)

In 1865 the first ice cream and the first beer in Japan were produced in Yokohama.


Fusazo Machida, a member of a delegation to the United States on the Kanrin-Maru,the first Japanese warship that crossed the Pacific in 1860, whom tasted the ice cream for the first time in his life and he was so astonished to the taste of it so he decided to open a ice cream shop in Yokohama.



In 1869 at Yokohama Bashamichi, Fusazo Machida opened a flavored ice shop and the shop name is Hyousuiten which is defined as shop for iced water in English, which he thought that it will be the most suitable shop name for what he is selling. He called the word ice cream“ice-crin”, the closest phonetics of what he believed he had heard. Then, His business increased because of the spreading of “ice-crin” in japan. In the early 1950’s, the synonym for “ice cream” came up when rectification to the correct pronunciation “ice cream” saturated as a result of the U.S. Occupation Forces after World War II.

The ice-cream costs 50 yen at that time, which is a monthly salary for a woman worker, which is also 8000 yen in nowday’s money. Mostly, only foreigners buy ice-cream at that time, but Japanese people start to enjoy it in the next year.

Ten years later, Mr. L. Stornebrink, who relates to Ice Making Plant, started his ice making plant in Yokohama. Fusazo Machida had natural ice delivered to him from Hakodate in Hokkaido for his hand stiring process of making ice cream.

4C758300-E154-480E-9D97-646D00800293At 1976, a sculpture named “Mother and child of the Sun” designed by  Shin Hongo was constructed by the Kanagawa Chapter of Japan Ice Cream Association. The sculpture is opposite of the actual location of the first ice-cream shop and in front of the art building.





Distinctive Voice

This is a animated voice that I found very interesting. It’s the gingerbread man from Shrek 2. This character is voice by Conrad Vernon. If you want to find more information about the character, click this link.

I found the voice very distinctive because the gingerbread man is a very small-sized character so I think that a high-pitched voice will very match the character.

Starting Statistics

In math class, we started our new unit, which is statistics. Statistics is the branch of mathematics that is concerned with the gathering and organisation of numeral information called data. There are three basics steps:

  • Collecting the data
  • Sorting the data
  • Analysing the data

Everyone have to find 20 data in the real world or on the internet. Then, we have to find the mean, mode, median and range.

On the internet, I found the data of  the teams reaching top four in FIFA World Cup. This is the data:

Range- Range is the difference between the lowest and highest values. The range of the data is 11 because 12(the biggest number in the data) subtract 1(the smaller number in the data) is 11. 

Mean- Mean is the average of the numbers: a calculated “central” value of a set of numbers. The calculation is adding the whole numbers and then divide by how many numbers there are. The mean of the data is 3.6 because (all the numbers in the data) 10+8+12+4+5+5+2+2+4+The+2+4+2+2+2+1+1+1+1+2= 72 and then 72 divide 20(how many numbers there are) equals to 3.6.

Median- The middle number in a list of numbers. To calculate, you have to put the numbers from smallest to biggest, and then find the middle number.  The median of the data is 2 because if you put it order:

1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 4 4 4 5 5 8 10 12

there is two middle numbers, so then you have to add them(2+2) and then divide the added number with two, which is 4 divide by 2 equals to 2.

Mode-  The number which appears most often in a set of numbers.  The mode of the data is 2 because if you put the numbers in order, you will see that 2 appears the most. 

1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 4 4 4 5 5 8 10 12

(All the definitions of the words are from

My data tells me that a lot of team reaching top four got it two times. Also, the average of the team reaching top four is about 3-4 times.







Grade 7 Math Exam Topics: Ratios and Algebra

In YIS, next week, April 28-May 1 is going to be a big exam week. For math, the exam is going to be about ratios and Algebra.

The two ideas I know about Ratios is:

  • Always multiply, divide the numbers by the same value. {E.g. 3:2 (all times by 2) = 6:4}
  • Ratio compares different values, it’s used in a lot things instead of another symbol that you won’t very notice. {E.g. The rate, 6liters/hour, in ratio is 6liters:1 hour}

The two ideas I know about Algebra is:

  • Mostly everything you find in math, all has something to do with algebra. {E.g. Solving the angles of a shape.}
  • If there is an equal sign in a problem, it means it’s a equation. If there is no equal sign in a problem, it means that you have to finding like terms. {Eg. 4x-1+5x+2——->this is a equation     5x+4y+7+8+9+6u+5y————->this is finding like terms}


  1. 9:3 —–> ?:21
  2. What’s 7kg/hour in ratio?
  3. What’s the angle of the following?
  4. Find the “x” angle in the following shape.

Which topic did you find more interesting?

I found algebra more interesting because algebra is very useful that it’s used in a lot of math topics like finding the angle of a shape, finding the area of  a shape etc. Also, algebra has a lot of different kinds of expression so it was interesting.

Which topic or concept did you find most challenging?

I found ratio more challenging because sometimes its hard for me to understand the ratio word problems and when other people show me how to do it, I can’t even understand it. If I use algebra to solve ratio word problems, it will be much more easier for me.

What can you do to improve your knowledge of your two topics?

I can review sometimes(rote repetition) so I can always remember the concept and I can always remember how to do ratio and algebra questions.


Fair Game – grade 7 technology

In this past unit in technology class, (“Fair Game”) we were working on minecraft and building theme parks. In this unit you have to create a theme park based on a theme that is given to us in a specific spot we were also given. Each person in the class does one structure, each to complete the whole theme park, which will also be shared with everyone in the class.  You need to negotiate with others and create peace and communicate well  with all the other groups. Everyone was split into 4 different groups. In the groups there was a leader, creator, follower and peacemaker. In our group there was Ayaka (peacemaker), Hyewon (creator), Yuka (follower) and Hana (leader). Each group was given a theme that we had to follow and base our theme park on. The theme we were given was paradise found. 

A bird's eye view of our theme park 'paradise found'.

A bird’s eye view of our theme park ‘paradise found’.

This is the video of my attraction “Kids’ Park” in my group’s theme park:


 Our first product is asking about 10-20 people if they think our theme park is original or not. We send out a google form to our age group people.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 11.13.20 PM

Most of the people said that they haven’t seen any other theme park like ours, but there are still some that said that they have seen something like it.  Our second product test is making a survey for our age group and asking if they want to go to the theme park if  it was for real. We use the google form to send out a survey to all of our classmates. This is the answers we’ve got:

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 10.50.29 PM

Out of 12 people, 12 people said that: “Yes, I will come to your theme park if it is for real.”. Our group felt overjoyed as if our hard work has paid off. Our third product test is going on to the internet and checking if there is any paradise theme that look like ours to see if ours is unique and original. I found out that our one is original and unique.


Our first product test could be improved by asking arrange of people like maybe 10 adults(teachers), 10 elementary children and about 10 people from our age group. If we have different age people, there will be some different answers given and I made that suggestion because our target audience is actually all ages so it’s good to ask different age peoples. Our second product test could be improved by asking different age peoples too.   Furthermore, the third product test could be better by giving more details, instead of using unique or original in the solution, maybe saying it more specific will be better. For example, we can change it to: Going on to the internet and checking if there is any paradise theme that look like ours to see if ours has its own design.


We’ve have to do a design specification in the “Investigation” part of design cycle. For our “theme” design specification:

  • MUST- It has to be adventurous for children but relaxing for adults.

  • MUSTN’T- Must not have tech stuff.

I think it is adventurous for children because for example the kids’ park’s tree house has boxes that look like treasures to make it the kids’ think adventurous. I don’t think our theme park is really relaxing for adults, so we should improve on this part if we have next time. We don’t have any tech things, so it’s okay.

For our “function” design specification :

  • MUST-Have an ocean.
  • MUSTN’T- We must not work on something else while we are still doing our own attraction.

We have an ocean which is next to the water roller coaster and that ocean also follows to our water broader. We NEVER work on something else while we are still doing our attraction, so then we NEVER make the team behind any other groups.

For our “General” design specification:

  • MUST- We need to use materials that you will find in an island or jungle because it is paradise theme.
  • MUSTN’T- We must not use things that’s not related to our topic.(paradise)

I think we mostly used materials that matches paradise theme, but maybe some parts of my kids’ park is a little too bright and I kind of use a little too much glass.

For our “Aesthetics/Original” design specification:

  • MUST- We need to think creatively and be original.
  • MUSTN’T- copy other ideas/thoughts

Our group thinks that our attractions are all really original, but when we send out the survey to ask other people if they think our attractions are original, little amount of people said that “i’ve seen this kind before.”,so maybe there might be some parts that wasn’t really really unique. Our group actually didn’t even copy any other people’s ideas.

For our “Quality/Strength” design specification:

  • MUST-We need to have our work equally split and no one working more than other or less.
  • MUSTN’T- We must not waste our time.

For this part, of course, we always work equally and we never waster our time. We always work collaboratively, cooperatively. if any group members has any problem , we always ask each other for help.


MYP Technology Design Cycle

MYP Technology Design Cycle

Firstly, I think I did good in investigation because for the ideas of what attractions we should have, I had some effective ideas for it, but at last our group didn’t use the idea. I think I could improve on the when having the discussion with our whole class for what attractions should we have in each theme park. As a follower, I can actually help the peace maker. However, I didn’t really do it and I should actually share some ideas to the leader.

Secondly,   I think that I did very well on design of the design cycle because I was very organized and I had numerous idea of attraction design that helped a lot in our group. I did really well collaborating with my group members and discussing about which attractions are in which place, how to make our theme park match the target audience.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 9.38.29 PM

Our bird eye view designs

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 9.37.50 PM

Designs of the bird-eye view map of our theme park


 Thirdly,  I think that planning was the most hardest and advanced part in the whole cycle. For example, I perdicted the time I will need to build the attraction, but I actually needed more time then that, so my perfdiction wasn’t really good. The estimation of the length and width of the structure that I wrote on the plan didn’t turn out very good on minecraft, so I had to change a lot of length and width.

The swimming pool inside the kids park

The swimming pool inside the kids park

The swimming pool's changing room inside the kids park

The swimming pool’s changing room inside the kids park

The tree house inside the kids park.

The tree house inside the kids park.

Bird's eye view of the kids park

Bird’s eye view of the kids park

Lastly, I think I did good at building this kids park. The tree house bridge is very creative because I built a little small roller coaster to get the smaller kids more entertaining. I actually didn’t write that I am going to build a small roller coaster on the tree house bridge, I got this suggestion from one of my friend, she said that children like something that goes around so it will be interesting if you build a small roller coaster in a very small place. However, the design of the tree house is a bit strange because the glass blocks being used don’t very  match with the theme and the brown block.  also the elevator technique I used for the tree houses are not very advanced.

Overall, I think I did a good job on this project. I’ve learnt that i actually have very creative ideas while doing something and I also think that I like to follow what other people say and if everyone agree with something then I will also agree.I am a little too quiet when contributing with my group and I am easy to get along with my team.