Long way through our journey…

Discriminated against nonsense racism between black and white…

Many people have to plant their hopes like seeds…

Rubbish bin being separated

Rubbish bin being separated

What is apartheid? Do you know anything about apartheid? Well, I don’t know what was apartheid at first because I never heard of it before, nevertheless from this Class South Africa unit journey, I know what apartheid is. Apartheid is a Afrikaans word meaning that meant by segregation, is a government made system that happened in South Africa in the past. This system is discriminated against racism. It’s classified in four groups white, black, coloured and indians, with indian and coloured is divided into sub groups.  In the apartheid, all the things are separated, such as toilet, school, environment where they live in etc. Blacks don’t have the human rights to vote, however the whites have human rights to vote. In addition, when blacks go to where whites live in, they must bring a pass with them and if they don’t, the white police will arrest them or send them home. These two videos is something I found interesting. It’s all about Apartheid, It might be very useful for people who don’t know Apartheid that well.

This is our Journey line:

Our Journey line (it's a little blurry)

Our Journey line
(it’s a little blurry)

In actual fact, I only joined in the 3 part after the magazines and article writing. My own journey started from exploring Journey to




Journey to Jo’burg(the book) ‘A train journey with Mma’…

Why is this book banned? What is this Journey?…

If only Mma was here, Naledi wished over and over, imagined over and over…

“What should I do?? The only way to find Mma.”said Naledi. Naledi and Tiro’s little sister Dineo was immediately very sick. They live in a very poor, miniature village, their  grandmother doesn’t have enough money to bring Dineo to the hospital. Well, there is only one way, which is finding Mma(mother) to bring Dineo to the hospital. Courageously and sneakily, Naledi and Tiro began their fascinating and had a lot of

A short paragraph from a newsletter

A short paragraph from The Daily Dispatch in 1981

problem journey to find Mma… This is my first part of South Africa Journey. They met a lot of people they didn’t know… They met a boy who helped them to escape from the white farmers because the boy said “The white farmer could kill you if he sees you. Don’t you know he has a gun to shoot thieves?”. This quote shows that during Apartheid, a black person gets shot straight away by the white farmer if the black person stole anything from their farm.

After that, Naledi and Tiro took a lorry to Johannesburg with a lorry driver.As

A small paragraph from a newsletter

A small paragraph from The Cape Times in 1981

they arrived in Johannesburg, the lorry driver  told them “It’s the earth they dig up to get to the gold. Jo’burg is the city go gold, so they say!!” He gave a dry laugh…I felt very peculiar when he gave a dry laugh and not really understanding this quote…After this journey with Naledi and Tiro, I had more ideas of Apartheid. The lorry driver gave a dry laugh because black people get to mine the gold while the white people get to get the gold. Therefore, he means that well the blacks get to see the gold but only whites can get it.

In addition, Naledi and Tiro met another absorbing black person called Grace. I think she is the person who most interest me. On a dark night, Grace tell Naledi and Tiro a secret about her brother. In 1976, Grace and her brother attend the Soweto Uprising with other protesters. Grace saw her brother and his friends carry a banner that said “BLACKS ARE NOT DUSTBINS” that actually means that blacks are not treated fairly as whites. After a moment, the white police came. As the crowd get more louder and louder, the police shot more and more bullets. A girl next Grace raised her fist angrily, but next thing she lying dead. Grace’s brother Dumi was arrested after the white police stopped shooting.

“Our People wash and clean up for others all day but look how we must wash ourselves”

What do you think this quote means?? I don’t understand it at first but I understand it at last. This is what Grace said before Naledi, Tiro, Grace’s little brother and Grace herself start to eat. Naledi was also not understanding what Grace said at first. According to what I know already, I think it meant by Blacks always work or clean for Whites, however the whites treat blacks very badly.


Grace’s Story ‘Grace’s house’

After the journey with Naledi and Tiro, I have to re-write and emphasise the Chapter ten ‘Grace’s Story’ to make it more effective.

Time of Fire (Grace’s Story)–This is my writing


I add a scene of what I think happened to Grace before the Soweto Uprising happened. My story was more descriptive than the

Mbuyisa Makhubo is carrying the dying Hector and Hector's sister, Antoinette, is running beside him.

Mbuyisa Makhubo is carrying the dying Hector and Hector’s sister, Antoinette, is running beside him.(happened in the Soweto Uprising)

chapter ten in the book. I add a lot of feelings and senses. What I like the most about my story writing is I used high-quality verbs to describe things more effectively and I added a lot of feelings. In addition, I liked what the people wrote on banners, for example “HOW LONG MUST WE BE KICKED, BITTERED, RAPED AND KILLED!” This sentence is actually being wrote on a banner in the Soweto Uprising according to the internet and what do you think this banner means?


Shane’s Talk ‘Naledi and Tiro’s village’

The last part of my South Africa Journey is discovering more about South Africa in Apartheid by having a talk with a white, jewish, South African. Shane is now a P.E teacher in Taiwan.

What I learned from Shane was that if the newspaper wrote something that government don’t like, they will shut the  newsletter company down or arrest the people working in the company. Also

The banned book 'Black Beauty'

The banned book ‘Black Beauty’

at that time, numerous of white South-Africans left South Africa because they think that white governments are losing control. Something very ridiculous is that there is a book called Black Beauty that was banned in South Africa in the Apartheid because of it’s title ‘Black Beauty‘, which they understand that 2 word by blacks are beautiful, but they thin that blacks can’t be beautiful, only whites can be beautiful, how do you  think? Moreover, Winnie Mandela gave a speech in Munsivielle and people listened to her speech must be shot or arrested.

I was very astonish when Shane said that Apartheid system actually helped South Africa’s economics and that Shane thinks that Whites and Blacks still don’t have fair human rights. Why is Shane still thinking like that? Also, in the way that white people were told that Nelson Mandela is a evil, gruesome criminal make me feel very shocked


What is the relationship between the text and the real world?? There are obviously a lot of relationship between the book ‘Journey to Jo’burg’ and the real world:

1. Apartheid: it’s a system that’s being made by government between 1948 to 1994 and the book was actually a example of a black person’s life.

2. Soweto Uprising: Grace’s story is about Soweto Uprising.

3. South Africa: this story is happened in South Africa, South Africa is a actually geographical country.

4.Environmet: the environment where blacks live in apartheid are described in this book.

5.Health: Blacks get bad medication in the apartheid

6. Employment: Mostly blacks work for whites. The book mentioned that the children’s mother work as a nanny in a white family and the children’s dad work as a coal miner in a white company.

7. Seperation between children and mother: The main thing about apartheid is to weaken the black community by separating the family, in the book the mother and the father are both separated with their family.

These are some points that I thought of.

From this experience, I learned how discrimination, which is racism happened in Apartheid. This Journey improved by knowledge by letting me know more about history and my investigating skills. Besides, this journey made me think a lot about things which uses my brain and made me confused a lot of times, nonetheless I had a very riveting experience from this. 

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  1. It is impressive to read such a detailed and thoughtful response considering you arrived half-way through this unit! Your writing is well structured in a way that effectively shows your learning as well as guiding the reader through the stages of your ‘journey’. You share helpful media and conclude reflectively – well done.

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