Dance feedback: What makes a good performance?

In P.E class, we’ve(grade 7s) been doing ‘Dancing’ for out unit. The AOI(area of interaction) is human ingenuity, the significant concept is Performing is multi faceted and the unit question is What makes a good performance? All the grade 7 classes choose songs from a dancing programme called ‘just dance’, 7A is doing ‘Good feeling’ by Flo Rida, 7B(my class) is doing ‘Can’t hold us’ by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Ray Dalton and 7C is doing ‘Die young’ by Kesha.

We have two parts in the dance, one part is the part just dance made up and another part is our own created part. Everyone have to pair up with 1 people or 2 people. I pair up with Lisa to dance ‘Can’t hold us’. This are our following video:

In addition, Lisa and me made a google document for recording our own created dance part. However, we think that next time if we can do it again, we should take a video of ourselves and share it to each other.

After this final performance, our P.E teacher Ms Hamada let us do a self-assessment on our performance and she graded on our whole thing using the system MYP and these are our following criteria:

 Criteria A: Knowledge and Understanding: Students were asked to create a mind-map and to then write a self-assessment of their Dance performance. This work was graded based on the use of specific terminology from this unit when explaining their work.

 Criteria B: Movement Composition: Students were asked to learn a Just Dance song and to then create one minute of the song with their partner. Students were graded on the way they used space; levels; flow; creativity and synchronisation. Students were given peer and teacher feedback using video work and peer conversations.

 Criteria C:Performance: Students were graded based on their final performance with an audience. Students were given many opportunities to share leading up to this class.

 Criteria D: Personal Engagement – Students were observed in class and were asked to complete a self-assessment. Students also were heavily involved in assessing other groups performance work and were observed as part of this process.

This is the mind-map I(and Lisa) thought of from the question “What makes a good performance”:

Mind map

Mind map


We think that CONFIDENCE is the most important because if we don’t have confidence, we can’t do anything in front of everyone. We can’t have energy, we can’t enjoy the dance, we can’t synchronise it well or etc. We put these things about fashion at the back, which is not important because it actually really doesn’t matter what you wear for the dance, a amazing, enjoyable dance is the most important.

Our dance has a good flow, unique moves and our dance matches the rhythm of the dance However, some of the parts we make a little mistakes and sometimes I didn’t use my space properly. Overall, we did a excellent job on space when it’s our created part and we have excellent flow.

My teacher commented that I am very energetic that inspires her to want to dance too.  I also think like that. I think that I have a lot of energy I have confidence, I dance with the rhythm of the music and for the created part, me and my partner include some complex moves and some basic moves.

Me and my partner have excellent collaboration and cooperation. Even though, we make some mistakes in the final performance, we think that having fun and having confidence is important then anything. We always have enthusiasm. In addition, both of us all show leadership when we are working and we always compliment on each other’s work. When Ms. Hamada was commenting on our first dance video, she told us that our transition and complex moves are not enough, therefore we used that as our goal then our final performance will be better.

Overall, I really like this unit because I never had this unit in my P.E class in my old school. I learned how a great performance has and what words describes a great performance. Also, I really like dancing. I learned a lot of dance moves and I want to use the “just dance” programme to learn more dance moves!! I wish we can learn this lesson again!

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  1. Yuka, this is such a thoughtful and well written reflection and response to you thinking about the unit and how this has “grown your brain” as a learner. I appreciate that you have taken so much time to reflect and to look at the picture of Dance and how this work has challenged you and been different from past experiences. Thank you for sharing.

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