Grade 7 Math Exam Topics: Ratios and Algebra

In YIS, next week, April 28-May 1 is going to be a big exam week. For math, the exam is going to be about ratios and Algebra.

The two ideas I know about Ratios is:

  • Always multiply, divide the numbers by the same value. {E.g. 3:2 (all times by 2) = 6:4}
  • Ratio compares different values, it’s used in a lot things instead of another symbol that you won’t very notice. {E.g. The rate, 6liters/hour, in ratio is 6liters:1 hour}

The two ideas I know about Algebra is:

  • Mostly everything you find in math, all has something to do with algebra. {E.g. Solving the angles of a shape.}
  • If there is an equal sign in a problem, it means it’s a equation. If there is no equal sign in a problem, it means that you have to finding like terms. {Eg. 4x-1+5x+2——->this is a equation     5x+4y+7+8+9+6u+5y————->this is finding like terms}


  1. 9:3 —–> ?:21
  2. What’s 7kg/hour in ratio?
  3. What’s the angle of the following?
  4. Find the “x” angle in the following shape.

Which topic did you find more interesting?

I found algebra more interesting because algebra is very useful that it’s used in a lot of math topics like finding the angle of a shape, finding the area of  a shape etc. Also, algebra has a lot of different kinds of expression so it was interesting.

Which topic or concept did you find most challenging?

I found ratio more challenging because sometimes its hard for me to understand the ratio word problems and when other people show me how to do it, I can’t even understand it. If I use algebra to solve ratio word problems, it will be much more easier for me.

What can you do to improve your knowledge of your two topics?

I can review sometimes(rote repetition) so I can always remember the concept and I can always remember how to do ratio and algebra questions.


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