Ambasador of 2:1 programme(iPad advice)

(This google doc has all the basic information)

Advice for G7 students when using an iPad:

Haiku deck

Haiku deck

Use the apps inside iPads in a very creative way and try to use your iPad and computer balanced. Check out the coach’s eyes, it’s very useful for analyzing a thing that’s about P.E. Check out Haiku deck too. It’s a good presentation app. If you want to get pictures, the app automatically gets pictures from the creative commons.  Try to use iPad and the computer both balanced. Don’t use one of them too much or one of them too less.


Advice for parents on what should parents know about the iPads:

IPad is a very useful advice for helping students to take pictures or do other things that you cannot do that good or you can’t do it in the computer. Having both devices will make your child think more imaginatively and more creatively in a way. Make sure your child has a balanced time of using iPad, don’t let the iPad distract the child, otherwise they might not do any homework.

Advice for the teachers on what should teachers know about the iPads:

 IPads could be very use for most of the projects. If you make the students use two devices in one project, it will make the students have more apps to use and more choices. Try to always make a project that uses both computer and iPad, it has more choices for students while doing that project

IPad has things that computers can’t do, but computer also has things that iPad can’t do. Therefore, if you

iPad mini

iPad mini

combine these two technologies together, you have more ways of doing different kinds of things.


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