Math Reflection-_- (muhahaha!!:P)

In this math class, which is 7B math class, we had Mr.Fedley as our teacher. This semester we studied ratio, algebra, angles and statistics.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 2.23.43 PMI did a lot of activities this semester. For the ratio unit, we did a blog post on using ratio to estimate sizes. Me and my friend Ashley use the computer to estimate the size of a door. We also did a another activity on explaining different types of ratio. My partner was also Ashley. We did a ratio for the number of the stairs in one of the buildings in YIS to the number of stairs in another building in YIS. In addition, we went to the YIS cafeteria and did a ration on the number of chairs in the left side to the number of the chairs in the middle of the number of the chairs on the right side.

For the algebra unit, we didn’t actually do any activities because we were mostly focusing on the textbook work.

For the angle unit, we did an activity on making our own angle questions and then let other students to answer.


anglestudents to answer.

For the statistics unit, everyone have to find 20 data in the real world or on the internet. Then, we have to find the mean, mode, median and range. I found the data of  the teams reaching top four in FIFA World Cup. It was actually pretty hard because it has a  lot of numbers so it’s very easy to get a mistake.

The data

The data

I found ratio the most challenging because the age problems that uses ratio is very hard to understand and work out. However, as I practice more and more by myself at home, I got better at it.

Next year, I want to focus more on ratio from this semester’s unit. Although, I got better at  the age problems, I still want to focus more on it because it’s very hard to understand and ratio things are very easy to forget for me. I am scared that I will forget all of it during the summer break, so I wish that I could focus on ratio again next year.

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