How to be an independent and organised learner????

In our tutor class, we have to make our own SMART goals for semester 1. SMART stands for:






The goals for me are:

1. ENGLISH- I hope that I could improve on writing more specific but not getting too complicated by the end of the term. I want to improve on this goal because from my EAL(English Additional Language) teacher last year, she said that my answer is clear for the questions but sometimes it gets too complicated when I use some advanced words. Therefore, I want to get to use the advanced words correctly in a sentence and write a more simple writing or answers.


2.ENGLISH-I want to improve on my reading speed in 2 months. Reading speed well help me on read faster or on tests that has reading comprehension. If there is a reading comprehension on a test and I actually reads really slow than sometimes, I can’t finish the test on time. So, I will read more books(at least 5 books until the end of the term) and practise on those exercise that helps me to improve my reading skills.


3.HOBBY- I want to do more dance on weekends even though I don’t take any dance lesson. Dancing is like my favourite hobby now and I am achieving this goal now already because now I am almost done learning a dance that I was learning with my cousin the past few weeks. I wish this hobby can keep on going.




2 thoughts on “How to be an independent and organised learner????

  1. Hi Yuka 😀 I think the only this missing is the M (measurable). When do you want to complete your goals? But its really specific and detailed. :)))))))))))))) -Emma 😀

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