Final Reflection on Wellness

PSHE is a way where we can improve our wellness.


During Big Life Seminar, we learnt about different personalities and knowing yourself well. Before when I this I always find myself hard to describe to other people and because everyone has different sides, it is hard to interpret who you really are. After receiving the MBTI tests, I feel like I knew more about my strong point as well as my weak points. Strong points helped me become more confident and proud of myself and felt good about myself because I always thought that I did not have many strong points so I was very unconfident. Weak points made me think about what I have to be aware off. The more crucial thing about personalities is to learn to respect others. If we understand someone’s personality better, we would understand why somebody will take that action which we did not understand before. People do not change easily so by knowing their current personality, people in the surroundings can help the person to notice her weaknesses but not causing a conflict or dislike just because of the weak point of the particular person. I think that I started to become more respectful to others and I always try to analyse why somebody would take that action when I feel as if I dislike it. After analysing, I start to understand the situation better, so I can understand the person better.


The Big Life Seminar has improved my social and mental wellness. For social wellness, I think that I improved my understanding towards peers(personality wise) and for mental wellness, I have improved my mental ability to understand someone and reflect, analyse about it – think before you make a decision.


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