Responding to The Informercial

My personal barriers that keep me from being a better public speaker is my voice. This is also what my teacher told me that I can express myself really well, but I still have a soft, pleasant voice left inside. If you look at the infomercial above, I can find myself still having some soft, quiet voice, and no matter how much I have tried to make my volume go up, I can’t be as clear as Megumi. For example, the part where we show offer suggests that Megumi’s voice shows more enthusiasm and my one shows enthusiasm, but always as a little soft voice combined, which makes it a little bit unclear. Besides, the explanation can also show that the volume of our voices are so different and I think that the audience will like Megumi’s enthusiastic, happy voice better because it persuades people better and easier. It motivates them straight away.

I could break down those barriers by doing some vocal training before I present my speech. For example, I can play arpeggio on the piano and repeat it after playing it. I can also train my tongue and do some pronunciation practice. However, because I have always been speaking quietly in real life, it is really hard to change my volume of my voice. Mostly every time, the teachers always have to tell me to speak up(raise up my volume), but I will always think that it is my maximum volume.

They are physical barriers because the voice comes from you mouth. You move your mouth to create the voice.

Responding to my speech

Clip #14 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I felt very regret and unconfident of how I did on my speech because I did not have a clear voice to persuade other people and I did not pronounce some of the words properly. However, I did well in giving clear evidences to support my statement. I have also given hand gestures to persuade to the audience about the topic more easily and clearly. I could have improved on projecting my voice more clearly and loudly. I have remembered that Megumi’s speech was projected very well. Even though her statements don’t move me, the voice was really pulling me into her speech which makes me agree with her statements.

I could use persuasive speeches in the future in order to persuade other marketing companies to buy products, in convincing people to help the world to become a better place or in persuading people to choose me as a president, CEO, boss and student council (etc). In my life now, persuasive speeches are needed to persuade students to choose me as a student council because students will see which speech moves them the most according to their voice, hand gestures, evidences and the structure of their speech. Students don’t want a student council who can not help the students or school properly, so the speeches have to be very thoughtful to convince the students. In the future, speech is useful in persuading other marketing companies to buy products because marketing companies will not accept any other companies products unless they persuade them in a very compelling and reasonable way. Moreover, those speeches will usually include a wordless presentation slide to give more clear information. The speaker would have to speak from their heart about how effective their products are.

We prepared our speech by first choosing a relevant and powerful persuasive topic. After that, we have to create the speech outline. The outline must be structured and organised into five main parts: introduction, body paragraph 1, body paragraph 2, body paragraph 3 and the conclusion. Then, we write our speech, but sometimes we don’t do it because we have enough confidence already. In the introduction, we separated into a hook and our opening statement. Body paragraphs are separated by a point, evidence, and summarising the main point. The conclusion is separated into summarising the whole speech and giving an ending statement. Now, this is the most important part. After outlining and writing the speech, it is time to prepare and practice for the speech. It is important to apply in a clear voice and hand gestures to have an effective speech. Organization of the speech and pronunciation of the words will also have to be effective. Also, a powerful speech needs a clear statement, clear evidences to be reasonable.   It is useful to know how to structure your speech because it will make the speech organised and make all the things have a link or connection towards each other. It is a very important part in the language world, we have to structure everything in order to make people understand better and also to make us understand better. It is important to be able to present my speech well, so I can persuade the audience to “adopt a pet”. It will move the audience and not allowing them to just sit in the seat and not thinking about anything.

Partner Scene

Screen Shot 0026-12-07 at 21.40.48

For the first semester in Grade 8 Drama, we have been learning about being different kinds of character with Ms. Erickson since September.  This unit is about showing/acting out different character’s characteristic in different kinds of scenes and in different kinds of situations. Moreover, learning about artistic techniques to make the character more effectively.

In the first few lessons discussed, learnt, researched about different kinds of artistic technique, including stereotypes, attitude, personality, status, the relationship between characters and motivation. We’ve done a lot of practice scenes to increase our knowledge on the artistic techniques. In addition, we researched about stereotypes and made a blog post of it.

After learning about the types of artistic techniques and practicing different kinds of scenes, we had to do our summative task which is doing a partner scene. We have to choose the relationship between the 2 characters and showing the status change between the 2 characters. My partner was Ayaka.

We planned about what setting we are going to choose and the characters. Our setting is an Italian restaurant and the characters are American chef (the customer coming to the restaurant- acted by me) – Italian chef (the waiter– acted by Ayaka). At first, we were thinking about to make the setting to Japanese restaurant with Italian chef as the customer(me) and the Japanese chef as the waiter(Ayaka), but it was hard to make the accents. It turned out that my Italian accent sounded very horrible and Ayaka’s Japanese accent sounded like Italian, so we made changes in the nationality of the characters, the type of restaurant.

We spent a lot of time in making our script to make sure we know what we have to say, and researching about how to show the status change between customer-waiter. We wanted to make our scene not too normal, so we tried our best.

This is the script:

This is our scene:
Reflection towards the video

This is our scene. Our partner scene is about an American chef(the customer) not enjoying the food cooked by the Italian chef(the waiter), having the American chef in the high status. Later, both chefs started to argue about who is better than the other, which is having two people all having the same status. However, the American chef noticed that the Italian chef was his teacher in the past, so the Italian chef’s status became higher towards the end.

I think that our humorous entertained the audience, which made us feel very happy. I was overjoyed when I have heard loud applause from the audience. In the scene, we both showed the status change properly to the audience(from the customer having a high position to the chef having the higher position). We should our motivation towards the scene, our relationship, our character role and attitude very properly in the scene. I think that I laughed a little bit through the scene, but I am not sure if anyone has noticed. In the last part, I wasn’t sure how should I run away from the restaurant, so that wasn’t really clear. Therefore, I think I should improve on showing my emotion and personality more seriously and effectively next time. Furthermore, I have to improve on having some facial expressions to have the scene more realistic.

In conclusion, we had been doing really well in the partner scene! That made a huge impact on me!


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Character Stereotype “Can you Judge?”

In Drama class, we are learning about character stereotype. 

What does stereotype mean?

Stereotype means to identify a group of people. People don’t understand that type of person, so they put them into classifications, thinking that everyone who is looking like them needs to be like them, or anyone who acts like that group is also part of that particular group.

When are stereotypes useful?

Stereotypes are useful when categorizing or recognizing people in your head. Well, actually all the humans do that kind of natural thing. It’s actually important to recognize people in stereotypes but not all people apply to that particular stereotype.

Can you judge a book by its cover?

In my opinion, I think you can never judge a book by its cover because the picture doesn’t tell the whole story. You don’t even know what the story is about, you don’t even know what will happen. You don’t have the judgement to judge a cover, you only have the judgement to judge the first few pages of the story or the blurb. There is actually a real phrase called “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, it actually means don’t say it’s disvalue, worthless or prejudice by the appearance of something or someone. Therefore, you should read the first few pages or the blurb to judge a real book.