Comparing books and films: The Outsiders

how faithful the movie is to the original story

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Combining perspectives tests by Tiemen Rapati 


For the unit Perspective and Prejudice, grade 8 English classes had learnt from the novel, The Outsiders to learn about how to see things in different perspectives. After reading the novel, the grade 8 watched the movie version of The OutsidersBoth of the versions were all written very well, but the movie version was still a little bit different from the original story.

In the movie, Darry is emphasized more. He’s thoughts, feelings, actions made us understand better in the movie because he seems to be as important as Ponyboy in the movie. However, Sodapop is not as emphasized as much in the movie compared to the novel. He didn’t even appeared a lot of time in the movie, so if anyone that has never read the novel but seen the movie, they will not know how close Ponyboy and Sodapop is. The reason is the novel is written in first-person protagonist(Ponyboy), so the readers will follow and know how Ponyboy’s thinks about other people better.

In addition, the motifs/symbols were shown very differently in each of the texts. In the movie, after escaping from the death of Bob, Johnny and Ponyboy had to cut their hair so the police will not notice them. Ponyboy’s new hair is not greasy anymore- gold and innocent. The golden colour represents the poem “Nothing Gold can Stay”. Although people “turn green” as they get older, but Ponyboy will always “stay gold”. In the novel, it uses several motifs/symbols. It describes Dally and Darry having icy, blue eyes. Ponyboy describes Dally and Darry like that because he is less comfortable with them-they are more fearless and invulnerable. Besides, it uses Two-bit’s switchblade as an example of a valuable possession towards the greasers. Another symbolism of the switchblade is when Dally took the switchblade from Two-bit to fight against the Socs in the rumble. At last, Two-bit loses the switchblade when Darry was caught by the police and died- it links to the loss of Darry. It shows the individual power that has come from the hatred of Socs.

The tone and mood are also shown differently. In the novel, the mood of the characters are not as emphasised because it is written in first person. We will only understand and feel how Ponyboy feels about a certain thing. The mood of the characters and the tone of the characters are shown better in the movie. We can hear their voice and see their emotion on their face. The colours might also show the mood of the characters.

The movie and the book all has disadvantages and advantages.

Which do you think is better?



Changing Minds: Changing Worlds – Language for emotional effect and change

Where Myths Are Born by Ken Whytock

Where Myths Are Born by Ken Whytock

In English, we had been learning about how do poems and advertisements create an effect on the world. We had done numerous activities to know the ideas of advertisements and poems better. Besides, we created poems and advertisements by ourselves; analysed which text is more powerful to change the world.

This unit is challenging for me because I am very poor in analysing and making poem. I can’t make a poem with very deep tone and mood. However, I also feel very happy about this unit because I have improved my grammar and my editing skills. Moreover, I learnt about persuasive techniques that make texts more effective and persuasive to the audience. To improve this unit, I wish to look at various techniques in order for us to know how powerful texts are.

In the previous paragraph, I have said that we made advertisements or poems. After we finished making them, we had actually put all the advertisements and poems which Grade 8 students made in the hallway in our school. It is exactly like an exhibition! Something I really liked from the exhibition is the texts from the coral reef group, This group is telling us that coral reefs are being destroyed by the rubbish we put into the seas. If coral reefs are destroyed, it means the homes of sea creatures are also being destroyed. I found one of the advertisements in the group especially attractive. It uses a very furious and devastated tone, which made me feel empty, depressing and overwhelmed. It uses colours like blue and light blue for the background, which symbolizes trust, faith, confidence and loyalty. The coral reef used a pink colour, which symbolizes an empathy, unconditional love and hopeful. The proportion of the ocean and coral reef is very different because due the amount of coral reefs we have now in the ocean. Therefore, the message is telling us to have hope and empathy to take action; stop throwing rubbish into the sea.

What moves me? From this unit, I have learnt to different types of texts to persuade people to change the world (globalisation and sustainability). I think that advertisement move me because it is more visual and straightforward. Poems need a little bit more explanations from teachers, otherwise I can’t understand poems extremely well.

Responding to The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux


Phantom of the Opera by Kesha Linehan

Phantom of the Opera by Kesha Linehan


This is a found poem I have created towards my respond to the book The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux:

Angel of the Music or “The living dead”

Joseph Buquet is dead!

He was found hanging in the third cellar!

The Opera ghost! The Opera ghost!


“He’s very ugly!”

His born with terrible face-no nose, yellow eyes

The face of death with a pair of burnt out eyes

Coat hangs on his skeleton

Nasty yellow skin in tightly stretched across his bones

He had to hide

A  horrible thing to look at


Oh! The ventriloquist’s terrible voice!

It was everywhere, everywhere!

It ran around us, between us!

Erik was there, speaking to us!


Erik-Phantom, Monster or Man?

The Scorpion or the Grasshopper?

Should we pity him?

Should we curse him?


I knew that he was a Monster.

Mini rationale

I have used creative techniques such as symbols, tone, mood and pathos techniques to make the found poem very effective. I used symbols such as the grasshopper and the scorpion. “Yes or no! If your answer is no, everybody will be dead and buried!” (page 75) This quote means if Christine Dale turns the scorpion around, it means she wants to marry Erik(the opera ghost). If Christine turns the grasshopper around, it means she doesn’t want to marry Erik. At the same time, a terrible explosion in the middle of the performance in the Paris Opera if Christine Dale said no!

Furthermore, I used tone and mood. The tone I have created in the poem is astonished and revulsion. The mood is worried, horrified and detestable.

Lastly, I used pathos techniques such as figurative language and imagery to describe the opera ghost.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the poem!


Responding to Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

“Pip, you have great expectations”

The quote is mentioned in a book called Great Expectations by Charles Darwin. It is a Bildungsroman, which explains about a development of a person. Pip, an orphan who is about seven years old, suddenly discovers an escaped convict while visiting the graves of his father, mother and his siblings. The hungry convict scares Pip brings him some food and a file for his leg irons. Pip obeys to bring him, but the fearsome convict is soon arrested by the police… One of the most important themes I have found is: Hurting or runing other people’s life will also affect the person who is doing it. The use of Darkness and Miss Havisham describes this theme. 

By me

By me

One of the most important symbols is Darkness. Darkness relates to every part of this novel, which makes the story very creepy and detective. When anything bad happens to Pip, it always happens in the night of darkness, such as meeting the convict, travelling to Miss Havisham’s, almost being killed by Orlick. Even when Pip describes his house, it makes the readers think that is always surrounded by darkness too. Darkness represents struggling. It emphasizes that Pip is always lost, he is always struggling about his great expectations in a world full of rules. He feels that someone is hurting him when something in the darkness happens, he feels that he is confused.

Another important symbol is Miss Havisham. Pip’s great expectations is being ruined at last, and becomes a gentleman. Miss Havisham’s expectations are also being destroyed, and becomes a gloomy, rich woman. Miss Havisham lost her boyfriend and her fortune, so she decides to revenge on men. Therefore, Miss Havisham adopts an orphan, Estella and raises for one motivation: revenge on men, starting with the innocent Pip. Miss Havisham always makes Estella and Pip to play together, but both of them hated each other. When Pip got older, Estella got prettier and attractive, so Miss Havisham is eagerly telling Pip to “love her” all the time. She really wants to heal her heart of revenge, so she is ruining the life of Pip and Estella and she is also destroying her life too.

In my opinion, this book tells us about morals and how to be a loyal, conscientious, helpful person. This book relates to the real world. It shows us that not only being keen at study crucial, being helpful and kind is more crucial than anything. I had very depressing at the start of the book because of Miss Havisham damaging the young people’s life. However, in the ending, I feel happiness because everyone learnt something from their experience and become a better person.