The progress difference between japan and china

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Population in total

Japan and China is 2 of the most powerful countries through out Asia. One of the main differences is population growth and the birth rate. China has a huge difference of 1.35 billion and Japan has a low population of 126million because in China, people have a higher birth rate, which leads to China having a one-child policy. Japan has less population because the sucide rate between 20-40 years olf in this country is extremely high, so there are less adult and low birth rate. Suprisingly, even though there were over one million chinese people died in World War II, the poplulation still didn’t drop.

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GDP per capita


Another big difference is GDP per capita. Japan has a GDP per capita of $30,732 and China has a GDP per capita of 7,406. Japan has a higher GDP per capita because they have less population and China have a lower one because they have more population which means the amount of money Japan have for one person is 50 chinese people’s money.

Japan and China is interrelated because they have the same Chinese ancestors and they’ve all lost many money during World War II.