Field Studies in Minakami

Getting out of your comfort zone

Team Building Game

Team Building Gamehahahaha Hyewon

The grade 8 went to a lodge called Canyons, which is a small town called Minakami in Gunma-ken for field studies. On the first day, we did some team-building game to get our team work more powerful. On the second day, we did rafting and canyoning to experience something new. On the third and the fourth day, we did canoeing, geo-caching, mountain biking, and rock climbing.

What were some of the ways you ‘got out of your comfort zone’ during FS?  Why did you find these activities challenging?

Photo by canyons– rafting

Photo by Canyons- My canyoning group

Photo by Canyons– My canyoning group

I tried new experiences like canyoning and rafting make me get out of my comfort zone during field studies because I never tried these outdoor activities, so I felt very anxious, nervous when doing it.  After I’ve done those activities, I feel that I really want to do both activities again and again. I can’t really swim well, so canyoning was extremely frightening and challenging for me. I wasn’t able to do the last 2 slides in canyoning, so I feel very regret right now. However, I have managed to do the 20 meter slide to get out of my nervousness in swimming, but I still can’t get out of my nervousness.


Photo by canyons- canoeing

Photo by canyons- canoeing

I find having a friend next to me and trying to support helped me to face these challenges. Moreover, always having patience in my mind will also help me in facing these challenges.

How could you apply what you have learned (about yourself and others) to other situations in your life?

I should take more risk in doing any works, so I can try to get out of my nervousness. Also, I will try to push myself in communicating with other people to express more of my idea and develop my leadership skills.



Do you have any comfort zone?

Of course, everyone has a comfort zone.

In the november, the whole grade 8 is going on a field studies to Minakami and Gun-ma ken in Japan to get out of their comfort zone and try new things. If you never get out of your comfort zone, you won’t have a lot of things you are comfortable with.

We’ve read this blog post on comfort zone. I’ve learnt that the more anxious, afraid we are, the smaller our comfort zone gets and becomes very hard to get out of it. If you go out from your comfort zone, you will raise up your anxiety level, but if you are always in your comfort zone, you will never raise up your anxiety level and never get to challenge, experience new things. Therefore, you should get out of our comfort zone to do new things so it can make us more motivated. Moreover, we can also grow better to be a better person that can communicate in the society.

Afterwards, we went to a website to see how brave we are. If you want to try it, go to here!! My comfort zone was 78.6%, which wasn’t too bad. I am very nervous in public speaking, so if I could, I want to have a chance to participate in activities that makes you to perform in front of everyone.

Reflection questions

What triggers my anxiety?

Things like Doing speech indenpendtly in front of everyone, doing assesments will triggers my anxiety.

How do I respond to such challenges?

I respond to such challenges just by practicing it more or learning it more often.

What do I do to solve these challenges? How do I feel when I succeed?

How resilient am I? How do I know this?

How can I go about pushing out of my comfort zone?

Why should I bother “pushing out of my comfort zone”?


How to be an independent and organised learner????

In our tutor class, we have to make our own SMART goals for semester 1. SMART stands for:






The goals for me are:

1. ENGLISH- I hope that I could improve on writing more specific but not getting too complicated by the end of the term. I want to improve on this goal because from my EAL(English Additional Language) teacher last year, she said that my answer is clear for the questions but sometimes it gets too complicated when I use some advanced words. Therefore, I want to get to use the advanced words correctly in a sentence and write a more simple writing or answers.


2.ENGLISH-I want to improve on my reading speed in 2 months. Reading speed well help me on read faster or on tests that has reading comprehension. If there is a reading comprehension on a test and I actually reads really slow than sometimes, I can’t finish the test on time. So, I will read more books(at least 5 books until the end of the term) and practise on those exercise that helps me to improve my reading skills.


3.HOBBY- I want to do more dance on weekends even though I don’t take any dance lesson. Dancing is like my favourite hobby now and I am achieving this goal now already because now I am almost done learning a dance that I was learning with my cousin the past few weeks. I wish this hobby can keep on going.