Behind the Scenes: Death of Romeo and Juliet

Outrageous! The feud between the Montagues and the Capulets caused the death of the innocent young couple. Who will be punished? Will the feud between the two richest families end? Are there any secrets behind the young lovely couple, Romeo and Juliet? The insider of the story, Friar Laurence reveals the secrets of Romeo and Juliet, including some of his own thoughts about the feuding.

Friar Laurence tearing up after our interview with him

Friar Laurence tearing up after our interview with him

You are the only insider of the young couple, Romeo and Juliet. Why did they choose you to be the helper of their forbidden love?

The main reason I chose to help them is because I had hoped to see the issues between Montagues and Capulets getting better. However, it did not splendidly like what I had thought. Instead, more troubles arose. I still chose to help the young couple because I did not want to see them getting apart only because of the feud between their families.

You said that you want to keep the couple together, so out of my curious, what do you think about the youthful couple and their love?

I guess the time right now is really different from the old times. I remember myself having a respectful, mature love with my wife, but I can only say that Romeo and Juliet’s love might be still immature. Well, they are happy together, so I don’t mind about it.

Well, Romeo and Juliet’s love was ‘love at first sight’, so do you believe in ‘love at first sight’?

I am only a priest, so I do not understand the love of young couple nowadays. This means that I don’t believe in ‘love at first sight’ since it is kind of childish, and you cannot know how the other one might be like after marriage, so it will be best to have a relationship as friends, and then going into a real relationship.

I agree with you, it is kind of immature. So, in your opinion, what is your view on love?

In my opinion, love is quite hard to understand. Looking at Romeo and Juliet’s, I think that love makes them go crazy. I can notice how painful Juliet is when Romeo is sent to Mantua, and how depressed Romeo was when he is being banished because he cannot see Juliet anymore.

Going back to the death of Romeo and Juliet, what do you regret about right now?

I felt really pressurised by how my wrong ideas might make the situation even worse, and it did. I really regret myself for putting Juliet and Romeo in such difficult situations. I wish I could have just sent the young couple to a place nobody will know, so they can live happily ever after. I know that I might get into the jail, but if they are happy, I can do anything for them.

The prince said, “some will be punished”. In this case, do you think that you should get punished or not?

(Sighs) Right now, the prince has not yet punished me, but I think that I should get punished. After the death of my favourite children, Romeo and Juliet, I have been having strange, horrible dreams. I feel guilty about my pure and noble thinkings, actions – I don’t want to feel guilty and frightened all my life. I rather go to the jail and start my life again. This should be the punishment the god gave me after all my miss-thinking.

What do you view about the feuding of the two families?

Unbelievable! (Facepalm) It is so distracting  for the citizens of Verona. Who would want to have “stupid wars” all the time in their town!? I don’t think the god even likes it. No one even knows why this argument happened, and it has become the great boundary for Romeo and Juliet. I wish anyone who has those boundaries will still go up to their love, this shouldn’t bother them.

What will you do again if you meet the same problem?

I don’t know. I really wish this(feud) ends and I don’t want to meet the same problem again. I will just be my priest.