Showcase Portfolio – Grade 8

Showcase Portfolio are created by learners(like students and business people) which presents to the audience about what are the best works they have done during this period and some improvements they could make. For us students, we have to present what we have done during semester 1 to our parents.

Firstly, I would like to describe my goals for semester 1 was: 


I hope that I could improve on writing more specific but not getting too complicated by the end of the term. I want to improve on this goal because from my EAL(English as an Additional Language) teacher last year, she said that my answer is clear for the questions but sometimes it gets too complicated when I use some advanced words. Therefore, I want to get to use the advanced words correctly in a sentence and write a more simple writing or answers.

I think that I have reached that goal because I stopped making my sentences to complicated or hard to understand. Now, I make up sentences in a more straightforward way by using effective vocabularies accurately. 


I want to improve my reading speed in 2 months. Reading speed well help me to read faster. Sometimes in tests, I read very slow which leads to not having to finish the test, so, I will read more books(at least 5 books until the end of the term) and practise on some exercises that help me to improve my reading skills.

I reached that goal with the help from my EAL(English as an Additional Language) teacher. He makes us do time-reading exercises. We first read one short text which includes 100 words, and then we record our time when we finish reading the text. After that, we answer questions without looking at the text. Lastly, we record how much right answers we have got. By doing this every time coming into my EAL class, my speed in gradually getting faster. Moreover, I have read more books than I used to. 


I want to do more dance on weekends even though I don’t take any dance lessons. Dancing is my favourite hobby(as well as singing), so I would like to learn new dances by myself by looking at dance practise videos and dance tutorials. 

I have achieved this goal because I am dancing mostly every day now even though I don’t take any dance lessons. I have already learnt numerous dances from k-pop. K-pop dances are really effective and I would like to learn more of it this semester! 

Secondly, I would like to describe what I have done this year with the ATL(Approaches to Learning) skills. ATLs are knowledge skills, and it helps students to reflect on what they have done this year- what they have done well and which parts they should improve. 


In Design and Technology, I show my communication skills by presenting my information and my work in a clear, organized layout.

As you can see through this presentation that my information are shown in a clear and organised layout. Especially from slide 5 to slide 6. My balance between visualization and writing is very effective and my fonts are also very easy to see. If this presentation will be shown to the audience, it will be very easy for them to understand which shows my strong communication skill.

In English, I show my communication skills by presenting my oral in a video.

This oral presentation about [A]dvertisement versus [P]oetry shows a great communication skill. I used clear, reported voice in order for the audience to understand me. My slides are showing a great visualisation by having fewer words(except for the poem), and has clear colours and fonts.


In English as an Additional Language(EAL)I do all of the homework our teacher tells us to do and I always try to read and do quizlet if I have time. Every time when we check our writings, I will always reflect on the grammar mistakes I made and trying to make it as a reminder, “Remember not to make this mistake next time.”

In Japanese, I always do very successfully on Kanji tests because of how I organize my time in practicing my Kanji. I also always give my assessments on time for the teacher to check. I also reflect on what I haven’t done well every time on the assessments our teacher gives us after she has marked it to get better scores.


In Physical and Education(P.E),

On the planning sheet, I have put in a lot of effort into it, and I went on the internet to research more about the techniques I have to teach. I researched this by looking at videos on youtube and going to some official badminton websites.

In Math, I have done a poster about 3D shapes and explaining about the volume, surface area. Since I wasn’t too sure about how some shapes volume and surface area are formed, I went on the internet to research about it. This research skill really made my poster very clear to understand.


In Science, I have written a blog post reflection about a science article.

( Go to to see my blog post)

From my reflection of the science news article, you can see that I have used my science knowledge which shows my excellent understanding of space.

In Visual Arts, we had a lesson on Ceramics. We had to create a ceramic work by ourselves that could be useful in our daily life.

This is my artwork. It is a candle holder that could be used when my family wants to have a dinner in our garden. The explanations of what techniques I have used and how I have made it is below:
In the pottery lesson, I used my knowledge about Mingei art techniques into my ceramic work. I have used several techniques in forming and decorating.

In Drama and Theatre, we had a unit of speech. We had to present a persuasive to everyone for our final assessment. My speech is about “Computers are Better Than Books”. 

Clip #14 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

(Go to to see my respond to my speech)

In the speech above, my structure is very clear. I have used this idea from what I have learnt from English class before. I have put in the structure of the essay we learnt into my speech to give an effective speech.


In Individuals and Societies, I don’t have any problems with assessments. However, I don’t talk much when having group discussions

"Progress Report Comment" By me

“Progress Report Comment” From my progress report

The Progress Report comment from my Individuals and Societies has taught me that I should talk more in class discussion to share my ideas and ask more questions.




In General Music, we had to write our own song(in groups) and perform it in front of the middle school in an assembly.

(Go to to check our performance. Our video is the first one, it is called YIS music 3)

I worked with Ayano, Garrick, Hyewon and Kento. We were very successful when we first started, but it didn’t go well at last because we were mostly working independently, but not as a group. It was very hard for me to share my ideas with my group members. We also had some problems in making the music, but we didn’t ask the teacher straight away. Next time, I think that all of us should have a group meeting before starting to do something.

Finally, according to what I have to improve in semester 2, my goals are:


I want to speak more in class discussions in all classes. As you have seen above, even the teachers have told me to speak more in class. I have to share more ideas and have to ask any questions if I have any. I want to achieve this goal by the end of the second term and I will try to ask 1 question and share at least one idea for all of the class discussions or when working in a group. 


I should do more self-study by myself from now on. I always forget what I have learnt from one class, so from semester 2, I have a special note-taking notebook for mostly every class. After coming back from home, I should review what I have studied today every time. After I have finished the homework, I should use at least 30 minute self-studying new things to gain more knowledge.


I should read more and more books. Even though I have already improved my reading speed, I should still read more in order to achieve more. A book should finish in maximum, 2 weeks time. I should at least read two hours for a week. I should have read about 5 books before the end of the semester.

Thank you for listening to my Grade 8 Showcase Portfolio 🙂


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