Helllooo everyoonnneee

I am the author of the bloooogggg🙂

Am I awesome:) (jkjk I know I’m not)

My name is Yuka and I go to Yokohama International School in Japan. I am from Japan and China and I am 13 years old.:P I have two dogs called Flacky and Mackie. I used to go to a school in Shanghai called Yew Chung International School, but I came to Yokohama on Janurary 2014. I’ve lived in Shanghai for 7 years.

My hobby is to cook because I really like to cook and I love watching cooking programs on YouTube and on television. Dancing and singing is also two of my hobbies because both of the things make me feel very relaxed all the time:)………:P

Well, I like singing and dancing:)The singers/groups I like are: Alicia Keys, Ariana Grande(of course:D), Imagine Dragons, Cold play, Maroon 5, Jessie J, and Girls Generation(its korean haha);P. My favourite songs are: Clarity, Demons, A sky full of stars, No one and Domino…

My favourite subjects are math and arthaha

I am a really quite person in class or yah, but if you get to know me very very very well, your mind will completely explode and change:) But I don’t know:P I act differently depending on the situation..haha




Soo gooooddd at dancing~~~~

K-Pop 🙂


Flacky 😛


Mackie ^-^


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