Unit 1-Music Reflection

From the last 3-4 weeks our class and I have been doing a unit and in this unit we had to pick a song practice it then perform and record.we had to pick a song and practice it and actually get it memorized,it was very hard to memorize it and play it,I got very nervous.

First we had to pick a song it was very hard to pick an easy but a little challenging song so we could perform it soon.I practiced about 4 times in a row and I practiced for at least 20 minutes,The Song I chose Is called Falling slowly By Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. The song was pretty hard to play because you have to stretch your fingers a lot but i learnt it quite easily,I think practicing this song was very nice and it was nice to play and to listen to the music i had practiced,when all that was done I had to record it,I could not record it for some time because i live in an apartment and i didn’t want to bother the neighbors so I got the Idea to put ear phones on and then put them so loud and close to the microphone and I played and it turned out to work.

I played the song on the piano which I take lessons but i still have not mastered the skills at all,but I picked the piano because I have one in my house and I can get to it easily and it is my most best instrument I can play.It was hard to get the whole song right and I kept making mistakes but as I kept going and practicing I had less and lesser mistakes and afterwards I kind of felt happy,In music class we all had to do a little performance infront of the class to show how much we did and to show the teacher what we had been doing.but before that I never even saw the sheet with the music and I had never played it ever in my life,I had panicked and I was very nervous,and when I got my sheet I practiced in class but I knew I couldn’t do it and I was very irresponsible and i didn’t do the song.


I thought this unit was very fun I had some ups and downs but all together I thought it was nice to learn a piece of music and be able to play and to preform infront of people even though I get so nervous and shy,I hope I practice enough to do good in the real performance and I hope I won’t make a mistake over all the things that happened to me in this unit. 

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