Mr.Fedley is Forcing us To Write A Boring Blog Post on Percentages (-,-)

as u can see on the title Mr.Fedley is forcing us to write this boring blog post.. and he also even forced us to write the title … which is also boring ­čśŤ

percentages is a useful thing to use in real life like in shopping if they have a sale they can say how much less money it costs like 50% off or 30% off.

For a simple example I made this.. If Mr.Fedley has a chocolate cake and split it up into 6 parts and a cat came along and stole 3 parts of it this is how you would figure out how much of the cake she stole from Mr.fedley…


So the cat stole 50% percent of Mr.feldey’s PRECIOUS CAKE!~

This is what you CAN’T do in percentage equations…

If I had 8 Cheetos and 3 of them turned out to be fake,…



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