Reflection on Park Illustration

This is what we have been working on in art class ↑ We went to a park called Minato no mieru oka kouen and we had to pick a place to sit and draw what we saw, To do all of this we went through a lot…

1. Describe your progress made over the Park Illustration unit

We did alot but first we watched a video of a man called Tommy Kane who drew what he saw then used water-colour and coloured pencil to colour in his piece of art. After we watched the video we tested out water colours 🙂

then we went out into the park and picked the place we wanted to draw, this was my place : 

First we drew the place with just a sharpie, it was hard because we could not erase anything but overall i think my draft was good,after we did a couple of drafts we picked our favourite drawings.

After that we scanned the drawing onto some water colour paper, then we started colouring in the white spaces with coloured pencils. after we couloured everything in, we studied a lot of the techniques using water colours. like wash, stencil,Stamps,dry brush and so many more this is our research page!

after we studied many techniques using the water colours, we started using those techniques on our drawings, I used stamp,stencil,wash,lift off,dry brush,drop, salt,wrap,Splatter and wet into wet.

2. Describe how you used feedback to improve your artwork.

we did peer feedback before we did our water colours so I could not change much but later on I got peer feedback from grace about my background or frame and she said maybe i should make it balanced so it looks nicer, I did what she said and I had to agree that it looked much better, and then after that I added more colour and it made it less empty.

3. If you were going to do this work again, what would you do differently and why?

I think that I would make my use of techniques stand out more and make my frame more interesting, because If you look at my painting you could not really realise the techniques that I used and the techniques kind of gives it more of a unique or more abstract look and I think that is more interesting to look at.

I think I should have put more across onto my frame because I only have paint splatters and stamps on it and its colourful but it feels a bit empty and more lonely :/

So next time I will make my techniques stand out more and put more effort into making my frames interesting!

overall though i really thought that this assessment was fun and interesting! 🙂

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