Make your mark (line drawing) reflection

In art class we have been doing line drawings  and we all learned different line techniques and practiced drawing lines, there are several line techniques and in the final drawing we had to put in at least some techniques to make it look good. i used  stippling,scumbling,hatching,crosshatching,wave lines and wood lines !

We practiced our line drawing with pictures the teacher gave to us like a rail and we had to make sure we didn’t outline and we just used line techniques.

unnamed-2this is our practice sheet and we had to research/find certain line techniques and practiced using the lines in various ways.

This was my picture of my drawing, I separated them into 24 pieces to break them up and make it easier to draw on the big sheet of paper we would use for the final piece.firstly we did our line drawing in pencil then in pen,I had to place everything in the correct position which was very hard and I had to make sure there was a good foreground, middle ground and a background.

The picture ( black and white ) with proportion squares ~ :P
The picture ( black and white ) with proportion squares ~ 😛

we practiced for our final work, which was we had to find a picture and make a line drawing out of it, this is my picture ,  and my final piece is  this – I tried my best making it 50% white and 50% black with the pen because that was the task but it was very hard to do because of all the shadows and outlines.we did a lot of research and planning of what type of techniques there were and what techniques I would use in my own final piece to make it look good and very interesting.unnamed-4

when i started drawing our final line drawing, I looked at the nearest thing in the drawing and the thing that stood out the most and that was the path so i started from the bottom of the page and started drawing wavy lines to go upwards on the page. I then did shadows I first did the big area on the path then i worked on the rocks shadow i had to look at where the light was hitting the rocks and where the dark shades were. I used my pen to go back and forth and made straight thin lines repeatedly to make shadows and shades, for the grass i drew a lot of M shaped lines everywhere on the foreground and middle ground, some parts of the grass I just flicked my pen to make more of a rough effect. For the distant mountain in the background I used the line technique hatching I drew lines going from one direction and then from another.I took a lot of time in drawing grass everywhere and my hand got very tired drawing M shaped lines all over the page.


I think an area I could’ve improved on was making black and white 50% each so it looks better and that the task is done, I also think that I should’ve used more line techniques with more details in certain areas or put shadows or shades around objects.Overall, I think if you look at a lot of my drafts I improved a lot on my proportion and placing of everything, and I put more detail into my final work then the other drafts, so I think i improved but still could have done better on my final piece.

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