science fair Reflection

In science class we had a science fair,and our experiment was making casein, and our research question overall was

” which milk made the most casein?”

it was not hard to make the question because we just thought about the casein and what creates the casein so we thought it would be the protein in the milk, so we tried different types of milk contained liquids to add with the vinegar.

The procedure and the science fair document was very helpful because it helped me work through and go step by step to collecting data of the experiment, it helped me observe more so we could add it in to the document later on.

I think maybe if the document was a bit more spread out or for a graph they have a separate document because currently the document is a bit messy and when everything is on one document it glitches and is unorganised.

I think me and my partner Amane worked very well and hard together because the experiment took time and we needed the right ingredients and it was hard to gather the right ingredients we split up to get different ingredients so we could save time for the experiment.I think maybe we should have a bit more time to make the science fair more full and successful so we could have more then one presentation like now we have a video showing our method and ingredients but if we changed our times then maybe we could’ve had a poster to go with it also.I think that i would also do it with a partner if we did anything like this next time!

I think i learned from the scientific method that its really important to do things step by step and really observe and write all the data down because that could become important in graphs later on in the presentations.


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