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Pro social behavior is any sort of behavior that is intended to help others in need. There is two different motives to why people help others one is called altruism and the other is egoistic motivation.

Altruism is when you help another without thinking of your own benefits and doing it 100% for them.

Egoistic motivation is when you did it for the benefit of you,

” for example, if a person puts money in a charity box in order to feel good,”

So people usually help others by thinking of their own benefit or the other, but there is a third motive that usually leans towards the altruistic side rather than the egoistic motive and it is feeling empathy towards the person who needs help and usually this is a very common feeling.

One situation I have been where I helped someone is when i was lining up to go to the bathroom in the station there was a little girl who couldn’t hold it so I left her go first and I’ve done this a couple times and I think the reason I do it is because I feel empathy for her and her mother she was with because it is terrible not being able to make it to the toilet and also I knew that I didn’t really need to go so that I’m guessing was altruistic but perhaps I wanted to impress the mom so it was egoistic but I don’t think i will ever know since the thought process is so fast and I never really think about every detail before I do things such as helping people.


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  1. Emma

    I think that the decision you made to let the little girl go before you in the bathroom was altruistic in a way. When you made the choice you thought about how the girl was feeling which was empathetic, but you also thought about what the mother would think if you didn’t (egotistic).

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