Q1: After watching the two videos my perspective of Christopher Columbus has not changed at all because I knew that he did kill many native Americans and he wasn’t a very good guy. (If it was before the reading and the video) I like reading up on history sometimes so I knew that Columbus committed genocide and was overall terrible to the Native Americans.I also knew that he was a bit of a selfish idiot since he wanted a lot of profit and also named chili peppers chili peppers because they looked like peppers even though they are from different families. ( random fact ).

Q2: My perspective of the Native Americans has not changed either since I knew about Columbus, but before historians always called native Americans ” Indians” and they gave an image that they were wild tribal people who were dumb. I think some historians dehumanized Native Americans to make the story bias and side with Columbus and I learned that some native Americans in the south were less tribal like and were fairly advanced in math,agriculture and architecture.

Q3: If you find yourself reading a bias story then you read another bias story from another perspective and then another with just factual explanations and then compare what happens in each. To see if it is bias make sure to read multiple history ” explanations” to really understand what happened and to check if any of the ” facts” are twisted.

Q4: If I were to write a paper on Columbus I would focus on what Columbus did when he “discovered” America and how he reacted to the Native Americans.

Q5: my reading focused on the theme “Who really discovered America”

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