Tourism Highlight

What were the top three countries in terms in international arrivals in 2014
France, the United States, Spain

What were the top three countries in terms of international receipts in 2014?
the top three countries of the international arrival numbers are France,United states and Spain.

Explain the difference in patterns depicted by your answers of question 1 and 2.
the top three rankings are same, So I think because I a lot of tourists go there the country makes it easier for more tourists to go there. China also is moving up the ladder at a fast pace.

Describe the recent trends of tourism in Africa.
Africa’s tourism has not increased very much but they have increased 4.3% in the past 15 years.

Describe the changes in international tourist arrivals between 1950 and 2010. (p.14)
There was only 25 million tourists traveling in 1950, Then in 2010 there was over 1133million tourists traveling.


In your opinion, why has tourism increased since the 1950s?
I think it is due to more technology/transport and because transportation has advanced very quickly there are more cheaper options to get to a place. Their are more airlines and trains.


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