GCD: Wellness Yoga

I have been doing yoga ever since I got into high school and I think it has been of the best decisions I have ever made connected to school. In the beginning, I was hesitant because I thought there would be a lot of people there who would judge me over the mistakes I might make since I was a newbie. But when I got to the class it was really relaxed and because the room was dark and everyone was very cooperative.

The most important thing I learn in yoga class every time is to listen to your body. The body tries its best to let you know what it wants and it is important to listen to that. For example, if you are crouched over your computer for hours, your shoulders start to get heavy and so it is important to take a break and stretch. It definitely makes a difference in my mood.

A significant thing I feel after every yoga class is my difference in stress levels. I usually go into yoga class with high stress levels due to homework/tests but after doing light stretches and sun cycles + Shavasana (a corpse pose to end the session with) I feel much less stress and I feel as though my mind is reset and more optimistic. This is because Yoga is a practice where we try to not think about outside obstacles or negative thoughts during it and so it gives me time to relax and distract myself. After yoga sessions, I can return to my work with a clearer mind and I tend to work faster and better because the stress is minimized. 

This image explains the benefits of meditation and as you can see it is good for reducing feelings of anxiety, increases blood flow etc. As I am a very anxious and nervous person taking the time out of the week to reduce that feeling really helps motivate me and calms me down so I can keep a clearer head when doing school work. From this yoga class, I have begun incorporating yoga moves especially the sun cycle into my everyday morning routine to start of the day feeling energized.

Overall I am very glad I joined and I am proud that I have stuck with it since freshman year.


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