GCD: ARC- Global Understanding

I would say that I have always been passionate about abolishing animal cruelty and so finally joining Animal Reflief Club (ARC) was a good decision for myself. ARC reminds me about all of the horrible unethical practices that go into cosmetic industries and the food industry towards animals and so stops me from purchasing certain products occasionally. I was a vegetarian before joining the club but it has further motivated me to take action to help animals in need to my best ability. In ARC currently, we are trying to raise money for a Trap Neuter Release (TNR) program for the stray cats within our school area. This project made me realize that I had been very focused on trying to help animals such as cows and pigs since I had done wide research on the food industry, that I forgot about pet/domesticated animals. I think that since animals (excluding us) do not have the privilege of speaking up for themselves and so it is important to use the power that we have to prevent unethical practices from taking place and take care of animals. I learn a lot about the different economic value placed upon animals such as the Pangolin which are hunted down for medicinal purposes and the unneeded unethical testing on animals within cosmetic industries. I think that Humans have been killing animals and using our power irresponsibly to the extent that it is very unsustainable for the future.

ARC teaming up with the sustainability group to sell DIY cruelty-free lip scrubs to fund our TNR program.
Creating the DIY lip scrubs


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