GCD: Community Engagement (Library Council)

In February, there was the library councils first meeting with other councils from other schools. We went to British School in Tokyo and shared what we do for the library and got to socialize with students from other schools. Library Council has been a very important club that I love and joined in tenth grade. The main goal of the Library Council is to promote reading within the community and to have the Libary be the core of the school. We think that reading is a very important thing to promote because it enhances learning and empathy which leads to more open minds and that is very important in being a good person in the future. Although it is a small scale promotion within the community I believe it to still be an important one since reading is very healthy within education. Since I have been a member of this club for some time I have seen that Library council has grown into a much larger group and has begun to push reading further. The first council meeting we held was evidence of that. At the meeting, we discussed further ways to promote reading within our schools and we came up with creative ways such as book battle events (as shown in the image). Every year our club creates posters and gives out bookmarks with book advertisements so that the students get motivated to read. Coupled with that we have events such as book battles where people get to participate in competitions and such with their knowledge of a book. This motivates students to read more which is good for the community.
Another thing that helps my YIS community is book shelving. In order for the library to be useful to students when studying books need to be in the correct places for students to find them. I think that this small act contributes greatly to the community. Shelving books is a pretty tedious activity but is very worth it since without shelving the books in the correct place it would be almost impossible to find the book you need. I think that it is valuable to have this responsibility since it helps me remember that small actions such as shelving books can contribute largely in a community and that no small act should go unnoticed. This has (as far as I know) positively affected the students within the community since students that I know rarely have problems finding books since they are in the correct place.

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