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Drama reflection- Speech

8B Drama: Persuasive Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

In my speech I think my volume and tone was suitable for my type of speech and my voice was loud enough to hear although my pace was a little fast and I think I should have slowed down.

My posture was normal and I think I kept it pretty neutral, I used my palm card too often and my facial expression was just neutral.

I think my speech was organised and the placing of every subject was good. My best skill was projecting my voice because you could hear my voice all around the room. I should improve on not using my palm cards because then I can put more of an effect on the audience.

8B Drama: Persuasive Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Another speech that I thought was pretty good was Saya’s speech on drugs Because she projected her voice well And rarely looked at the cards the speech was very smooth and well given.

Stereotypes – Drama

A stereotype is a thought/opinion that can be made up from the image or a personality of a person that sort of labels what sort of person they are. For an example for stereotypes is, someone with Large glasses bent back and hunching over books and mostly spending their time in the library, They are usually Stereotyped or labelled as a nerd.

I think that stereotypes are often useful in movies/drama skits/comics/etc. because when you don’t know the character well but you label them and put a stereotype on them then the audience know a bit more about how they act and the audience assumes things about the character.

I Don’t think judging people by their covers is a really good thing because I mean you could look at them and really you don’t know anything about them its just your mind popping up with ideas and assumptions of what they might be like just by looking at them, which isn’t really fair to the person since you don’t actually know them.


Drama reflection

In drama class we were learning about informative speaking, and we had to do a speech we had to choose a subject to do our speech in, the choices were:

  • Fashion
  • Holidays
  • If I were famous…
  • The best day of my life…

I chose to do a speech on the best day of my life. The speech had to be between 2 – 3 minutes, my speech was 2 minutes 11 seconds, this is my speech:

7A Drama: Informative Speech04 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I think that I did sort of well, with modulation because you could hear what I was saying clearly to the point that you could understand what I was saying,  so i think i did well with projection and volume because you could hear everything I was saying, I think maybe i could work on not looking at my palm cards that often because I kept looking down and my voice was projected to the ground so every time i looked down my voice became quiet.

I think i did well with my posture because I stood up fairly straight and kept in one place for the whole speech, but sometimes i would laugh when i said something so that wasn’t very professional.

7A Drama: Informative Speech02 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Another speech which was captivating was satonos speech it was very loud and clear and it really looked like it was a very good holiday it also kept the audience very interesting and she emphasised certain places which were more important then the others so i think this speech was a success.

Singing in the rain

In drama class right now we are learning about movement so we looked at “singing in the rain”  this is some things we thought about
“singing in the rain”.

props – use of objects to help the story and can be used in the movement, often used in different ways

I think the props that gene Kelly used were very good and effective with the song and it showed his emotions very well with the pole and the umbrella he showed how happy and in love he was, you could see how happy he is with his turning and swinging and jumping and dancing with the umbrella he also jumped up onto the pole which made him seem more energetic and hyper. Gene kelly puts his hat on and off to show he is so happy that he dosent care of getting wet.


rhythm – the beat of each movement or step, fast or slow etc

Gene kelly’s dancing really matched the music and sometimes he tap dances in the water and makes a good sound that makes the music more interesting and makes it better and whenever the music changes speed so does his dancing.

Expression – the way feeling is shown through the body (face, gesture, posture)

Gene kelly’s Expression was happy and he was smiling throughout the whole song,this showed that he felt happy, free and in love, as he felt the rain pouring on his face in one scene he closed his eyes and really enjoyed the water splashing onto his face. I think the gene kelly really expressed his feeling there.

moving through space – using area, level, balance, pattern, pace, repetition and style (jerky or smooth?)

I think he had a lot of space and used the space effectively and used it so he could really show his expression, he used all his space and jumped around danced and sang to show the world that he was happy, he was moving very fast and jumped a lot which shows his feeling even more because usually when you are happy you feel free and jumpy so faster music and movement suits it more.