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“Comparing books and films: The Outsiders”

The past few months in english class we have been reading the outsiders and watching the movie and studying it. The outsiders is a story about two gangs living in the same area that hate each other and go through a lot of conflict. It is told from the point of view of a boy named Ponyboy Curtis.

I think that the director worked hard to fit in a lot of the details from the book to the movie. I think the focus and the mood was slightly different. The focus in the book by S.E Hinton was mainly of Ponyboy and Sodapop but in the movie it was mainly of Ponyboy and Dallas. The mood in the book was much more darker because we know exactly how Ponyboy thinks and how it truly feels like to be in his situation but in the movie we only see things that happen outside of his mind so it is much lighter.

The movie I think showed and used symbolism very well. The train for instance, The train noises came out every time something bad is about to happen and I think that the train noise is a sign or a symbol of escape because trains are a form of transport. You hear the train before bob dies and before dally dies and other times when something big/bad is about to happen.  S.E Hinton also wrote that the greasers are from the wrong side of the tracks so the train is a symbol of greasers and the socs and danger.

In conclusion I think that the movie did very well to capture a lot of the book but I thought the book was a more powerful darker story and enjoyed it more than the book.


Responding to ‘Fangirl’ by Rainbow Rowell

A found poem is a poem that is made of an already made text,

“Kicked in doors, High heeled boots,

what did it matter?

My name is not Cather.

She doesn’t own me, she never did.

all she does is complicate, the one thing growing is hate. 

Sad unsocial hours pass, a whole mess of emotional thoughts.

A life of Isolation and determination,

A search to be happy, to be sane.”

This is my found poem of the book I am currently reading- Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell. Fangirl is a coming of age story about love, University, Family and friendship. In my found poem I tried to show the problems and issues the protagonist ( Cath ) was having with her life.  Cath is a very thoughtful person who is very anxious and unsocial and I thought it would be important to show a little bit of her personality through my found poem. It was pretty hard to find the right words from the book to put into my found poem but I think I more or less managed to get a little bit of the theme of the book into my found poem. The narrator of my found poem is the protagonist herself Cath. I created a confused, sad mood from all of the feelings the character had, and the tone was pretty angry and vengeful. one technique I used a lot was a lot of fullstops, so the text would be more dramatic.


‘Changing Minds: Changing Worlds – Language for emotional effect and change’

In this unit we learnt about different types of texts and how they could change the world.We mainly focused on the texts poems and Ads, we used the technique called pathos that includes many different types of techniques. We all created either an ad or a poem on the issue we thought was bad/ interesting to research.

One of the other class member, Grace created a poem on deforestation that I found was very interesting and meaningful, she used techniques such as alliteration to make the poem have more of a flow and created rhythm.  Her tone sounded like she was blaming the reader for the deforestation and that tone created a mood which was guilt and I think that was very effective.

Overall, I think that texts can really change the world if they use the right techniques and is shown to the right people.  There are many different issues in this world and raising awareness through out different types of texts like music,Ads,Books,Poems etc. Can really get people thinking.

responding to Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder

Part – 1


My book Sophies world is about a girl who recieves mysterious letters from an anonymous person and the only thing on the letter is a question every time. Sophie, the main character things about the answer to the question and her thinking is mind blowing and makes you think about life. Sophie afterwards recieves part of a course in philosophy and begins to learn a lot about it.


It hard to put an official theme on this book because it is a novel ( story ) and the history of philosophy, but I think that the theme of this book is about staying amused with the world and that its important to keep wondering about everything around us.


In one chapter the author talks about the white rabbit out of the hat trick, and he explains that the rabbit represents the world and  Most adults hide deep in the rabbit’s fur, making themselves comfortable and oblivious to the world. but children and philosophers stay right on top of the rabbit’s hair, staring into the eyes of the magician. so basically the rabbit represents the world, and children and philosophers ask questions and are curious about the world but the adults just want to be comfortable. I think the white rabbit also connects to  Alice and wonderland, the white rabbit runs and alice the girl runs after him through curiosity. so the white rabbit represents curiosity.


I have not read much of this story yet but i am really loving it, it really blows my mind and all the questions are very interesting and i personally have thought about these questions a million times, I also feel very small and sad when I read this book since it talks about how big the universe is and how its important to never stop wondering and thinking,  the author makes me question my existence everytime I read the book i think the author was able to do this by putting in a lot of examples to prove that children were more curious then adults, such as the top hat or the parents and thomas:


“Jostein Gaarder’s Sophie’s World.” Flickr. Yahoo!, 11 Aug. 2011. Web. 13 Nov. 2014. 

One morning, mom,dad and little Thomas, aged two or three, are having breakfast in the kitchen. After a while mom gets  up and goes over to the kitchen sink Dad—yes,Dad— Flies up and floats around under the ceiling while Thomas sits watching. What do you think thomas says? perhaps he points up at his father and says : “Daddy’s flying!” Thomas will certainly be astonished , but then he very often is.. … Now its mom’s turn. she hears what thomas says and turns around abruptly. How do you think she reacts to the sight of dad floating nonchalantly over the kitchen table? she drops the jam jar on the floor and screams with fright. “

so i’m very engaged and interested on what is left of the book.

The relationship between the text and the real world. ” My journey”

In english class we are still learning about the relationships between the texts specifically the book we read which is call ” journey to jo’burg” and the real world we live in. We also watched a movie about apartheid which connects with the book journey to jo’burg because that was also about apartheid, the movie was called Invictus it was about Nelson Mandela and how he changed south Africa.

(Journey to Jo’burg, by Beverly Naidoo. you can read about the books info here…)

Before we made a magazine article on one of 4 topics and my topic was the Soweto uprising I got a lot of knowledge from researching for that article and i understood what happened in the book because they also had a section when they talked about the Soweto uprising.  You can see my article here 

Our unit question for this unit is ” What is the relationship between text and the real world.”

at first I really didn’t know much about apartheid or south africa in general but now after I watched the movie Invictus, wrote the time of fire , ( which is graces part of the story rewritten by us)  written an article about the soweto uprisings and reading other students articles on other subjects I have learnt a lot of things about south africa and apartheid.

I think there were loads of connections to the book and real life for example:

The Characters showed so much emotion and it was like how people really felt through apartheid and the characters and where they lived and how they lived really connected to how people actually lived back then through apartheid.It really actually showed most what children at that time thought about apartheid and what they knew and how they felt, the hope, sadness and worry of all of the things surrounding them.

I think that there was alot of connections through the detailed settings like the sandy hot ground while they were walking, and the writer Beverly Naidoo really used imagery well to make the audience really imagine how the setting must look like and how it looks to the two children walking and suffering just to find their mum. The writer really explained what the afrikaans did in the Soweto uprisings and how terrifying it really was for the people, she went into detail like ” tear gases” and what a lot of the people wrote on their signs ” blacks are not dustbins ”


The story had a lot of truth in it that it might as well been a true story, like in Africa at that time it was normal for babies to get sick and die, and people having to walk miles to get together with their families.

So overall I think that Journey to Jo’burg had so many connections, and I really learnt a lot from the book, I used to think that there wouldnt be so many connections in the book to the real world but now I learnt that there are many and a lot of the feelings and emotions are also connections.