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Tourism Highlight

What were the top three countries in terms in international arrivals in 2014
France, the United States, Spain

What were the top three countries in terms of international receipts in 2014?
the top three countries of the international arrival numbers are France,United states and Spain.

Explain the difference in patterns depicted by your answers of question 1 and 2.
the top three rankings are same, So I think because I a lot of tourists go there the country makes it easier for more tourists to go there. China also is moving up the ladder at a fast pace.

Describe the recent trends of tourism in Africa.
Africa’s tourism has not increased very much but they have increased 4.3% in the past 15 years.

Describe the changes in international tourist arrivals between 1950 and 2010. (p.14)
There was only 25 million tourists traveling in 1950, Then in 2010 there was over 1133million tourists traveling.


In your opinion, why has tourism increased since the 1950s?
I think it is due to more technology/transport and because transportation has advanced very quickly there are more cheaper options to get to a place. Their are more airlines and trains.



Q1: After watching the two videos my perspective of Christopher Columbus has not changed at all because I knew that he did kill many native Americans and he wasn’t a very good guy. (If it was before the reading and the video) I like reading up on history sometimes so I knew that Columbus committed genocide and was overall terrible to the Native Americans.I also knew that he was a bit of a selfish idiot since he wanted a lot of profit and also named chili peppers chili peppers because they looked like peppers even though they are from different families. ( random fact ).

Q2: My perspective of the Native Americans has not changed either since I knew about Columbus, but before historians always called native Americans ” Indians” and they gave an image that they were wild tribal people who were dumb. I think some historians dehumanized Native Americans to make the story bias and side with Columbus and I learned that some native Americans in the south were less tribal like and were fairly advanced in math,agriculture and architecture.

Q3: If you find yourself reading a bias story then you read another bias story from another perspective and then another with just factual explanations and then compare what happens in each. To see if it is bias make sure to read multiple history ” explanations” to really understand what happened and to check if any of the ” facts” are twisted.

Q4: If I were to write a paper on Columbus I would focus on what Columbus did when he “discovered” America and how he reacted to the Native Americans.

Q5: my reading focused on the theme “Who really discovered America”

Bystander Effect

How does diffusion of responsibility play a role in helping others?

Responsibility I think plays a big role in the decision making of helping people or not because if you are responsible or somehow involved in the situation whatever happens is on you and there are consequences that you will have to face but if you are not involved and you have no responsibility in the matter then what you do will not really effect you. So the less responsibility you have the less you are going to help.

Social Influence?

Social influence is what other people around you are doing or how they are reacting and through peer pressure they either have a big effect on if you help the person or not. Peer pressure can really influence how you react to the situation because you are always taught to do the same as others and if everyone is ignoring a situation so will you, but if some people start to react you also think this is a normal reaction and also help out.

Audience Inhibition

This is when the person who could help might decide not to because they are afraid that making it their own problem and involving into the conflict might not actually be necessary and overthinks the situation.


Arousal is when a situation makes our heart rate decrease in response, and this usually makes it more likely for us to help because i think it somehow makes us want to help more and reflect on what is really happening in the situation.




this is when the person who could help thinks about the reward that they could receive by helping ( which usually makes them more motivated to help because this is egoistic behavior ) but then also think about the consequences of helping and the things you could lose while helping such as time/your life/money and this usually is the big thing that makes peoples minds up when they think about helping others.


If the person relates to the person in need of help or there is some sort of similarity then they are more likely to help because they see them selves as the person and is more likely to empathize.


A good mood could boost a persons likeliness to help others because they become more selfless and more aware of the world around them because they are not wallowing in their own sadness and thinking about negative things.They will probably help more because they will think less about the risks because a good mood sometimes makes people trust more and think about the positives rather than the negatives.

Competence and experience?

this I believe has a big impact on your decision to help others because you are more willing to help other people if in the past you have helped a lot of people but if maybe once you were turned away by someone you were trying to help then maybe you are less likely to help again towards another situation even though it is a completely new one.

Human Relationships/behaviors

Pro social behavior is any sort of behavior that is intended to help others in need. There is two different motives to why people help others one is called altruism and the other is egoistic motivation.

Altruism is when you help another without thinking of your own benefits and doing it 100% for them.

Egoistic motivation is when you did it for the benefit of you,

” for example, if a person puts money in a charity box in order to feel good,”

So people usually help others by thinking of their own benefit or the other, but there is a third motive that usually leans towards the altruistic side rather than the egoistic motive and it is feeling empathy towards the person who needs help and usually this is a very common feeling.

One situation I have been where I helped someone is when i was lining up to go to the bathroom in the station there was a little girl who couldn’t hold it so I left her go first and I’ve done this a couple times and I think the reason I do it is because I feel empathy for her and her mother she was with because it is terrible not being able to make it to the toilet and also I knew that I didn’t really need to go so that I’m guessing was altruistic but perhaps I wanted to impress the mom so it was egoistic but I don’t think i will ever know since the thought process is so fast and I never really think about every detail before I do things such as helping people.


Twin Studies

Twin studies teach us a lot about nurture Vs nature and I think what we get mostly from it is that nature plays a big roll because its in your genes and you can’t really change it and I think it is fascinating that twins that were separated could be so similar and have the same job and interests. I looked at other twin studies where two male twins who were separated even had a same breed dog with the same name which was a very unusual name. It is almost like looking at yourself from a parallel universe because they have similar haircuts but different hair color and it is just slight differences that put them apart.

Twin studies show us just how much nature plays a roll and from the moment we are born it is chosen how we behave and what our life will be like and I think that is both interesting and terrifying. Are we individuals? are we actually in control of what happens in our lives?

I do not really agree with the study and if it is ethical because tearing apart twins ( or any family ) is a horrible thing to do especially when they didn’t even have parents. I know that it’s useful for science but maybe they could find other ways that could test Nature Vs nurture.