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Cross Country

Recently we have been practicing Running in  Negishi park,When we were running our teachers gave us good strategies while you run, there was  Self Talk, Imagery, Empathizing, Disassociation and Self Development.In those we chose 1 that really helped us run.

I chose Self talk and sometimes I would use Imagery,I chose those because I Self talk I could tell myself that I could do it and say postive things about my self so I could Run faster and do my best.I chose Imagery Because I can imagine something at the end of the race that would make me happy or something I really really want at that time like water or if i need to go to the toilet I can push my self that at the end there really is a toilet!(actually there is a toilet at the end of the race)

Self talk was really helpful and I got better and faster at running I don’t know by how much but still I got faster.So I think the strategie I will use for the real Race is self talk.

PE VolleyBall

I think I should get Better at digging because a lot of the time I dig and the volleyball goes the other way were I was not so I shall work on my digging position to improve my digging.