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Brain Myths – Crossword Puzzles Keep Alzheimer’s Away

It is well known that Crossword puzzles are supposed to keep Alzheimer away but this is in fact a myth.

Many people/scientists believe that keeping the brain active with things such as cross word puzzles and cards can prevent Alzheimer. In 1986 studies began on the brain to test the muscles in the brain. over 700 nuns donated their brains for scientific studies, Nuns were used because they all had similar lifestyles ( diet, Income, housing ). They were divided into groups, those who were better at languages and math and the nuns who were not as good. The people who were better at language and math were less likely to get Alzheimer’s.

Scientists say after the tests that people who keep their minds active and educated have less protein that forms beta amyloid plaques, which create diseases.

Problems with this myth?

Because many people think this is not in fact a brain myth cross word companies make a lot of money because more and more people from different age ranges buy crossword puzzles in fear of getting Alzheimer.

Overall Crossword puzzles do not prevent Alzheimer at all and keeping your brain active does not help.


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Article for science

In the banana skin there are a  trace/Presence of  nitrogen, Sulfur and organic compounds like carboxylic acids, Carboxylic can come together and become one with any metal it meets.  People have discovered. that banana peels can purify water, This can really help people in poor areas to get access to clean water. The banana peel can take away harmful toxins from the water making people more able to drink the water.

I’m not sure but i think people will feel more healthier purifying their water with a banana peel because it is a fruit and it is good for the environment and they do it home made and feel like they are doing good to the world.I think many  people will save money buying bananas  instead of getting tap water and buying from companies to clean their water.

Science is being used in the banana peel and the water when they are combined/put together the compounds in the banana peel take away toxins in the water so the water is drinkable.

Minuscule = very small.

silica=  SiO 2 , white powder with glass, water glass, ceramics, and abrasives.

residue=something that stays after a piece of it is disposed of,

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Metals Reflection – Science

In science we made a poster and I made it about Tantalum and It did not go so well, And these are some things I need to improve on.

I think I need to work on using MLA format because I didn’t use Easy bib I used tiny URL and that did not work out that well so next time i will use easy bib and put the MLA  format links in alphabetical order

I also need to work on writing things in more detail Because I just state facts and didn’t really evaluate on what I was saying and That could really help my grades.

Lastly I think I should Really use my information/Research well and use all of it to support my opinion and my ad, Because I did not use all of the information I found out in the articles on Tantalum

science fair Reflection

In science class we had a science fair,and our experiment was making casein, and our research question overall was

” which milk made the most casein?”

it was not hard to make the question because we just thought about the casein and what creates the casein so we thought it would be the protein in the milk, so we tried different types of milk contained liquids to add with the vinegar.

The procedure and the science fair document was very helpful because it helped me work through and go step by step to collecting data of the experiment, it helped me observe more so we could add it in to the document later on.

I think maybe if the document was a bit more spread out or for a graph they have a separate document because currently the document is a bit messy and when everything is on one document it glitches and is unorganised.

I think me and my partner Amane worked very well and hard together because the experiment took time and we needed the right ingredients and it was hard to gather the right ingredients we split up to get different ingredients so we could save time for the experiment.I think maybe we should have a bit more time to make the science fair more full and successful so we could have more then one presentation like now we have a video showing our method and ingredients but if we changed our times then maybe we could’ve had a poster to go with it also.I think that i would also do it with a partner if we did anything like this next time!

I think i learned from the scientific method that its really important to do things step by step and really observe and write all the data down because that could become important in graphs later on in the presentations.