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Venn diagrams

In math class we have been learning about Venn diagrams and we had to make our own venn diagram on “cheez burger” i thought it was pretty hard for me because I really couldn’t think of anything to make a “venn diagram” about! but I tryed and these to are the only ones I could think of…


Review Of Grade 6 Science

In 6th grade’s Science class I have had lots of fun, I think the most fun thing we did was when we did the last measuring experiment, me and my group melted chocolate and measured which brands melted faster and why, I think it was interesting and We learned a lot about timing and we also found out that the more sugar there was in the chocolate the faster it melted. so we learnt a few things and if was fun doing the experiment.

The most thing that we did in science class that was interesting was when we did the presentation about space, I grouped up with emma detrick and we made a presentation about galaxies I learnt SO many things about galaxies and Space, We learnt the names of different galaxies and the different types of galaxies like Elliptical galaxies, spiral galaxies,regular galaxies and irregular galaxies are a few galaxies types.At the end I liked how we shared our knowledge infront of the class and showed what we did in our presentation.

I think what was challenging in science class this year was the graphing of experiments, whenever we finish our experiments we have to write down the results but whenever I have to make a graph I can’t seem to find a way to make a graph, So I think that was one of the challenging and difficult parts of science, I also think maybe writing everything we do in an experiment was hard because we have to keep track of what we do every second.

I think the biggest improvement this year in science class has to be my attitude maybe, because I never liked to do much work and learn things but after a while I improved and i started to enjoy learning things in science. Like galaxies,experiments,reproduction systems and making parachutes.

I want to improve next year with more confidence because I have 0 confidence in anything, and I am very if I could talk more in class and share my knowledge in class that would really help me i think.

Ueno Zoo

For science class we went to the Ueno Zoo to look at animals,

What we did:

We all picked an animal before we went to the zoo and then when we got to the zoo we were formed into our groups then we studied our animal that we picked,I chose the ant eater because they are one of my favorite animals,then we filled in a sheet that had questions on it like where does it live and so on.


I think the anteaters cage was quite small, it looked pretty much man made because there was only 1 or 2 bushes and a little puddle of water,but some of it looked natural. There was 2 anteaters but they were separated by a cage, Anteaters eat ants but there was only a puddle of brown water with 2 dead ants in it with about 3 other insects.

 Do they look happy?

I don’t think the anteaters were happy at all because through the cage the anteaters looked at each other and tried to get out of the cages by banging on the bars, they looked lonely and bored in the little cages. Other animals like the penguins and the polar bear Looked sad the most though because they are used to live in cold places yet in the zoo they are put in little area’s full of fake ice and they are outdoors in the summer heat.

why do we have zoos?

I think we have zoos to show people animals that people don’t see usually maybe because of the country they live in or if they are wild.and sometimes in some zoos if an animal is close to extinction the zoo helps the animal repopulate and not get killed to make more of the animals kind.

 If i was in the zoo?

I don’t think I would be happy because I would Be taken by my family the weather is different and I would want to be free so i would definitely not be happy.


how could Zoo’s improve ?

I think Maybe even getting rid of the zoos would be good because animals are not supposed to live in cages, they should be set free, but if we HAD to improve I think maybe keeping the animals for a short amount of time help them repopulate then set them free to go back to there REAL homes,and give all the animals much much more space so they don’t get crushed.If people are going to have zoos I think its ok to visit them because the animals are there and its an opportunity to see different types of animals.

Results For Our Experiment

Our group has finished doing our experiment,which was which gender can throw a soccer ball further.It turns out that the Boys were able to throw further then girls.We had 6 boys and 6 girls throw the soccer ball,we asked them before they threw “Do you think you are strong?” to know what level they were in throwing we roughly made the levels even, We had 2 girls that thought they were strong and 3 boys who thought they were strong so we had a roughly even level in throwing.The Best Out Of the Boys was a 19m 20.And the best score out of the girls was a 15m 49.

1.we Get 1 girl that thinks she is strong and one that thinks she is weak and do the same with the boys.

2.make them throw a soccer ball across the playground

3.we measure and write down the data.

These are the Results,


(things he’s Strong) 12m 30

(thinks he’s weak) 10m 12

(thinks he’s strong) 10m 25

 (Thinks he’s weak) 16m 26

(thinks he is strong)19m 20

 (thinks he’s weak) 11m87



 (thinks she’s Weak) 10m 38

 (thinks she’s strong) 15m 49

 (thinks she’s weak) 11m 95

 (thinks she’s weak) 9m 58

 (thinks shes weak) 10m15

 (thinks she’s ok) 11m49

All Together For the Girls is:  66 m 304

All together for the Boys: 78m 200

I think That we did a quite a good job because everything was fair,but I think This Experiment could of been approved if we had a better measurer because then the data would be more accurate.

Our Forces Design Task: From Planning To Starting Our Experiment


In our group there is ME, Emma Detrick one of my closest friends and another friend called Pia Hamburger,Pia is from Germany and emma is from LA and Japan.

Choosing our Experiment

our Group took a long time to figure out what experiment to do and then we all picked on "Which Gender can Hit a volley ball Further" when we were trying to find a good Experiment we found other interesting things like "making a wheel car" or "making a tower out of different objects and seeing what will hold the longest when the wind is blowing".For our Experiment that we finally chose we have to get a bunch of boys and girls and make them hit a volley ball and our group must measure and write the data on paper then we would add the data together and see which gender can hit the volley ball further.

Making Our Prediction & Research Question

Our Research Question is “Which gender,Female or male can hit a volley ball further?” My prediction is that its not about the gender because hitting a volley ball is to do with skill and power so who ever has the most skill and power would win and it could be any gender.


Variables & Equipment

Volley ball and we need the same amount of boys and girls and a large area like the play ground,and some tape and measuring tape. we are going to change the gender each time and tape the area the hit.


Our Method

First we will:

1. get a boy and a girl

2.make them hit a volley ball

3.tape the spot they hit

4.measure the spot write down data that a couple of times

6.check what the difference is between the data.


Risk Assessment 

There might be difference in skill so we should ask the people how good they are at hitting a volleyball and maybe they can rate them selves out of ten,then we would roughly have the same skills then there won’t be a problem with the data.