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Goals – 2015-2016

I have some strengths and weaknesses in school and some of My strengths are:

I tend to work well with other people ( group work) and at sharing ideas within small groups.

I listen to other people In class.

I bring ( most of the time ) the things I need for the class such as pens, Pencils,Books,notebooks etc.

however I have a lot of areas I need to improve on in school so I have made goals for myself so I can improve my ” school experience ” …

My first goal is to raise my hand in class at least once so I can share my opinion and gain more confidence in myself. Right now I have not enough confidence to raise my hand and voluntarily share my opinion with my class.

My second goal is to be more organized with my homework and not procrastinate at home. I will try to set a timer for around 30 minutes and block any sites that might make me stop doing my homework so I can focus on my homework for 30. Then take a break so my brain doesn’t die and repeat.

My last goal is to learn how to properly structure a clear essay because right now I get confused to where to put things. I will do some research in how people make essays and I will read essays.

First Week Reflection

For my first week of school and my first week of high school  there were some high points and low points.

At the beginning I was very nervous about going to school but when I actually got to school it turned out okay because there were friendly people and I was happy to meet the new people. In high school there are a lot more activities and clubs to join so i am thinking about joining a few. Some low points in my week were when I made a mistake and went to the wrong class and forgetting what time we have lunch.

In 8th grade my expectations for high school were very different from what it actually was and I thought it would be more stressful with new teachers and students but because we are more ” mature ” the teachers respect and trust us more and it actually really motivates me to learn more in that subject. My expectations for more work was correct though because In art even when the presentation I had was not graded I had to put a lot of effort into it and it stressed me out a little. In my first week of high school I realized that there is a lot more pressure of thinking about my future like what I’m gonna do after school and thinking about how to get good grades to graduate.

Doing homework or even actually remembering what homework I have is very hard for me so usually I Write down my homework on a piece of paper ( notebook ) or write it in my phone where it alerts me when I get home so It reminds me to do my homework.

field studies “Community”

A few days ago I came back from field studies and it was lots of fun, we went from september 30th and came back on october 4th. first of all there were lots of areas and times we were in a community and I think that we were very good at working well with others in the community.

first of all in the bus, we kept each other entertained and had big and fun conversations, some of us listened to music with our friends,

and most of us played truth or dare and cards

we were on the bus for about 6 hours and we were entertained for the whole time and that is one of the examples of how we worked well in a community, another one is whenever we ate food, breakfast lunch dinner we always offered others food first before you took your bit so it had more manners, we also sat 2 boys and 2 girls at each tables so we could get to know each other more. I think this was a good way to eat so our community got to know each other and became more friendly . I think we worked well in almost every situation and I also enjoyed field studies very much 😀