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"Romeo & Juliet" Los Angeles PremiereRomeo Montague and Juliet Capulet have been all the gossip lately. From the two RIVAL + RICH families the Julio duo have stirred a quite unique story. We have Juliet Capulet to tell us all about the drama today!

Q:I think we are all DYING to know, is it true that you are with the one and only DREAMY Romeo of the house of Montague?

A: Yes! I can finally publicly announce that me and Romeo are in fact together. Even though it does stir up a bit of tension between the houses I think that in the long term our love will also heal this horrible feud between us. So yeah we are together!

Q:How did you first meet Romeo? and how did you feel?

A:Well I actually met him in my house party. I am still so grateful that even in a really crowded party I got to see him. How I felt? oh my. It is just inexplainable. I felt like everything around me just stopped and my reality just focused around him!

Q:What are your parents thoughts on you being with Romeo?

A:Well, My dad does NOT agree with me and Romeo but its true love and nothing will get in the way of us. I understand where he comes from and that being in a relationship with a person from a family you are meant to hate is a little bit “crazy” in his eyes but I just think that he has never experienced true love and I pity him honestly.

Q:Do you have a role model who might’ve inspired you to live your own life and for you to say #yolo?

A:If you asked me two weeks ago or even a week ago I wouldn’t have had a role model but with recent situations I think I really came closer with my nurse. She really came through with so much and stuck by with me throughout the whole journey so I would not be in danger. She is basically my mother since she raised me so I think she deserves to  be my role model.

Q:What do you feel towards Count Paris? We heard he was at your party.

A:Yes he was at my party. I don’t really have any feelings towards him. Well I don’t really like him but I think that is because I want to rebel against my parents because I’m pretty sure they set me up with Paris. So.. There’s a little teen rebellion for ya. Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 7.13.16 AM

Q:How do you think your life would be if you were with Count Paris and you gave into your parents?

A:I think that it would be less complicated than the situation right now with the two houses and it would satisfy my father but i really love Romeo and not even our families will break us apart. Besides if I was with Count Paris I would probably have to live up to what my mother does and that just isn’t my style.

Q:What are your hopes/goals for your future with Romeo?

A:I hope that one day maybe close into the future we will get married and have a proper wedding and all. Are goal is to bring together the houses but if that doesn’t work we might just move out of Verona and just start our own lives.

Q:What is some advice that you would tell our viewers on love/Relationships?

A:I think the most important thing is communication! Miscommunication is the worst and can get you in a real problem. Another key thing in a relationship is to never rush anything. Take things slow because if its real love, or if its meant to be it will be. msw_fall_06_piped_7tier_xl

G9 Lang Acq III TSC: Unit 1

part 1:私が一番好きなプレゼンテーションはえまのひな祭りのプレゼンテーションでした。よく伝えるテクニックがありよく意味がわかりました。私はひな祭りで 人形を早くかたずけなきゃダメなのがわからなかたのですごく色んな新しいことを聞きました。丁寧にプレゼンテーションをやりすごく良かったと思いま す。

part 2:私は七夕のことについてプレセンテーションをやって、よくいったことはリサーチだと思います、色々な七夕でできることや、食べる物のことにリサーチを してプレゼンテーションにいれ、良かったと思います。でももっと詳しい内容に伝えることができたらいいと思います、すごくきんちょうしましたので、またや るときはもっとれんしゅうしてやります、そのほうが落ちついてできるので。