grade 6 showcase portfolio


My first goal is to Get better at Math, I have always had troubles with numbers, and Remembering things so maybe I can work on my maths a bit more.

My second goal is to read more in my free time, recently I have lots of homework that I can’t seem to find time to read many books and I love to read books so I think maybe I should read more.

I think I really need to improve my Kangi because my memory is not very good and I forget the Kangi’s and I need to learn them if Im going to be living in Japan.

Things that I am proud of that I have done:


This is my tutorial that I made in technology class,I did it about how to draw monsters, I think I did well In explaining things and Describing in detail so the viewer would Understand what to Do in my tutorial.We used our Design cycle to make the tutorial the best tutorial we can make, First we needed to investigate, we looked at other peoples tutorials and Wrote what was good about them and what they could of improved on, then we went through the plan and design part were we made a storyboard then we created our tutorials and evaluated on them.


In art we had to draw a self portrait and paint on it as well,I think i did ok but I don’t think that The painting looks a lot like me. First we drew a little thumbnail and then we sketched onto some paper then drew the official thing, then I painted over it, we had to show emotion  and say what type of person we are through the painting, I was trying to show that I was a quiet shy person who is socially awkward and likes nature,



in English class we had to read a sakura medal book and make a podcast/radio channel for it, so then we had to make a book review on the sakura medal book we read. The intro and the outro is by Mark and Charlie and the music is by Freddie and Sho

to learn more about sakura medal books click HERE


6B Drama: 1 Min Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

In Drama we had to make a speech about what we like, I did it about Books, I think that I remembered all my lines but I got so nervous that my voice was too quiet and I kept pausing. But otherwise I think I did good.


In science class we had to come up with an experiment that we could measure, so me pia and emma grouped up and we did “which gender can throw further” the boys threw a bit further but the girls and boys were very similar.


In Humanities we made our own National Geographic magazine and we made a lost civilization of our own and wrote about how they lived. My Civilization is called “Liraria”.

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