Shawn’s Okinawa Experience

This year is my first year at YIS, and going to Okinawa was my first time on an IB Expedition. I chose to go to Okinawa to learn how to dive in open water and get a license for diving, so I could enjoy it in future.

In going on this trip, I have been able to make friends and get close to people, along with getting a license for diving, and I feel that without this trip, I would not have been able to be as close with some of the people I am with today. The trip also forced me to be responsible while being in the presence of my friends and distractions, because of the work and studying we had to do in order to become divers.

Another thing that has changed in me is my view on the ocean and ocean-related activities. Prior to the trip, I was hesitant to even to go, as I was afraid of the ocean and what could happen to me in the ocean. I also wasn’t very interested in doing things in the ocean, because I had always liked mountains and such more. Now, I feel that my ideas about this have changed, and I quite like the ocean. I feel more confident in ocean-related activities.

I think this trip has prepared me to be a more confident, responsible person, with more diverse appeals.




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