GCD: Artistic Expression

Throughout the time that I have attended YIS (from 10th grade onwards), I have been a part of the MYP music class and now the IB Music class. As a part of the class, I am a performer in each instance that we as a class get to perform. Outside of class, I also have built up my confidence as a singer and pianist over the last three years, and have been performing at almost every one of the concerts/chances to perform. For example, with my friends Mirei and Eduardo, I have performed three different times so far over the last two years. I have also participated in performances with friends such as that at the end of 10th grade, in front of the whole school, performing YMCA, and have performed for my grade 11 recitals in April 2018.

These chances to perform allow for me not only to build up and appreciate my own confidence and ability as a performer but also are part of my contribution to the community of YIS. I (hopefully) am able to bring joy to the audience when I perform music, and in this sense, able to communicate and connect with the community.

To further build up my abilities as a performer, I started to take singing lessons outside of school in March 2018. I go twice or three times a month to a woman named April Perkinson, who is a vocal coach for many singers in our school, as well as for several professional singers who reside in Japan. I dedicate time to practicing and becoming better at singing so that in future I will be able to keep the art of performing music as a hobby and contribute to whatever community I am in. With music being such an important aspect of life, I think it is important to appreciate the work and effort that goes into performers who actively wish to better themselves as performers, who enjoy the art as well as innately wishing to contribute to the surrounding community.

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