GCD: Community Engagement

Taking time out of a busy academic life to engage and have fun with the surrounding community is essential to a balanced life, and I do so by being a member of the Library Council. My role in the council is as an event and party planner and facilitator.

As a library council, we not only take care of the library but always remember to recognize the significance of reading. These days, books and narrative can easily be viewed as counterproductive, even obsolete, due to the ever-expanding amount of information and news transferred through technological means. The younger students these days must understand how important it is to be literate and have a wide range of books that they read. To promote reading, we have several groups, including reading buddies for young students to get them to understand the importance of reading from early on. The committee I am in plans, organizes and facilitates events, all of which are focused on a certain theme from the literary world. For example, one of the events we hosted in 2017 was based on the Percy Jackson series, and another in 2018 was focused on the Alice in Wonderland story. Our usual target audience for these events are the younger students at our school, letting them have a fun time, playing games that we think up and organize in the library which have to do with the theme.

Part of having fun for these children is indulging in social interaction with them at these events and parties, not just having them play a game that we designed. It is important that from a young age they feel a positive sense when they think of the library, or of reading. We don’t limit our audience to younger kids, we make sure that high schoolers also get their fair chance of having a fun time associated to the library. Social engagement with the community is a big part of promoting reading, and we take advantage of this by having a good amount of social events.

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