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GCD – Intercultural Communication

In the summer of 2017 (this June) I started working at a fast-food restaurant (McDonald’s). To gain money but more so to gain experience. Although at minimum wage, I chose this job purposefully as I wanted to work at one of the busiest restaurants in the vicinity and the world. I have been working most weekends in the morning so it does not affiliate with other activities I want to pursue. The job only requires one language, Japanese but I happen to speak both English and Japanese.

At first I was working on the inside which is basically the cooking and the assembling of the food, but now I get to experience customers up close at the counter. I would guess that around 15%  of the customers are not Japanese and most of them only speak English. When the customer is a English speaker I feel relaxed as there are no special words or formal language in the English language. I wouldn’t say this applies for all Japanese people but I have noticed that Japanese people have no patience and they get mad if I take long or make a mistake, on the other hand foreigners often tell me not to worry and take my time.

Although I can use basic formal language, in Japan I have to control the level of formality in my language. This on the most part depends on the age gap between me and the customer, I would speak in a different tone if the customer is either in their 20’s, 40’s and 70’s.

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