Charlie Hebdo Editorial

Shortly after the Charlie Hebdo shooting in France, Pope Francis expressed that, despite freedom of speech being a fundamental right, there should be limits when it comes to faith.

In many dystopian novels*, people that act/speak against the ruling force (often religiously affiliated) are quickly charged “accordingly”; often imprisoned if not archaic punished though public execution or even mutilation. To conclude that speaking against faith as a whole should not be allowed could theoretically end badly.

However, to target a person because of their religious affiliation would be considered hate speech. As would doing so for other important parts of their identity such as race, class, gender, culture, or sexual orientation.

Hate speech should be discouraged (as it can escalate to verbal harassment) but not illegal. Being able to voice an opinion (however hateful it may be) is what ultimately constitutes freedom of speech. this is a fundamental right and cannot be taken away.

I would like to emphasize that it may be appropriate to moderate free speech in order to promote a safe society with a potential for growth. When hate speech begins to insinuate violence or oppress people, intervention to prevent bodily or economic harm should be put in place.


*See also: Margaret Atwood’s novel The Handmaid’s Tale (it has recently just become a television series on Hulu).

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Romeo + Juliet Q&A

Champagne Isn’t the Only Thing Mercutio Spills!

Revealing interview with the best friend of Romeo Montague.

Mercutio and his best friend Romeo share a smile.

Mercutio and his best friend Romeo share a smile.

The popular, witty, lady killer Mercutio shares an exclusive interview with us. Tune in for this, because we really get the scoop on this loyal friend’s love life, view on the Capulet-Montague rivalry, and attendance of the recent Capulet party. Even if he can’t bring a smile to your face in person this charismatic character is sure to brighten up your Monday.

Thanks for interviewing, Mercutio. You okay to get started?

Sure thing!


To kick off, we’re all dying to know, is it true that you and your friends gatecrashed that Capulet party?

Ooooh, I think you know the answer to that one. There are pictures of us at the party out there and I’m sure you as an interviewer for your cosmo mag have seen them. You just want to hear me say it. Yes, we went. We danced, drank a little, had fun, and then made our way back home. Nothing more scandalous than smudged lipstick and a showing bra strap.

Mercutio cross-dresses and kills it on the dance floor at the recent Capulet party.

Mercutio cross-dresses and kills it on the dance floor at the recent Capulet party.

Really? Because people say that Tybalt saw Romeo (the son of Montague and a sworn enemy of the Capulet family) partying with you and [Tybalt] was eager for a fight.

I went with my friends, of course he [Romeo] was there! That prince of cats can get over himself and the useless feud between the two families! Romeo is a good boy. Sure, he’s a bit of a wimp (he hates to fight and would rather write a sonnet for his love), but he didn’t go to spite the Capulet family.  

The Prince of Cats: surely that can’t be a good name. What does it mean and Why do you take the side of team Montague?

I don’t take a side at all besides that of the ones I care for when they have been injured *Mercutio hand-guns*. Jokes aside I think the whole thing is ridiculous and hateful tradition of carried down with each malleable generation. Too many have been hurt from it and only more injuries are to come.

As for the nickname, there isn’t really any story behind it; I just found it very fitting. Tybalt is rather cat-like with his impatient, graceful saunter and judgmental eyes with malice just below the surface. He’s somebody who plays with his prey and is no doubt an excellent fighter; eager to show it at any given opportunity.


I can’t help but backtrack to you mentioning a love of Romeo’s just a second ago. I assume you meant Juliet, the daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet? There’s been a lot of talk about it lately.

No! I mean Rosaline. Also a Capulet by blood, but not the daughter of his own sworn enemy! My friend is a soppy fellow, but not a fool! Assume makes an ass out of you and me, my friend and talk is nothing more than that and the likes of Queen Maub.


Well, on a lighter note… We’ve covered your friend’s love life, but not yours in your own interview so let’s take a look. Do you have a partner? Do you want one?

No, I don’t have a woman in my life and I don’t want one either. I like to think of the women I date like burgers. They’re amazing! They taste good, they look good, and everybody loves a good burger, but if you have one kind for too long or have burgers every day of your life it’s gonna get boring. I like mine in n’ out like that one joint.


Why? Don’t you want to love a woman?

Seems like a lot of work and, looking at Romeo, it seems draining.


But do you believe in love?

Personally, not really. I’ve only ever experienced a fleeting (despite its strength) mostly physical attraction, but if it [love] is real, as some have told me, it’s just so rare in these times of arranged marriages it hardly exists. Think of love like pink dolphins. Sure, they’re very real animals, but they are so rare they’re almost the stuff of legend.


Well, seems like we’re out of time. Thank you so much, Mercutio! I really enjoyed it!

No problem!

Mercutio spotted shooting at the beach water after reportedly Having a playful brawl with Romeo.

Mercutio spotted shooting at the beach water after reportedly Having a playful brawl with Romeo.


Christopher Columbus- Social History Investigation

My perspective of columbus has changed, but not by much. In the past I thought of him as somebody who only brought bad to the native people, but I not not learned about it too in depth. Now that I have looked at it more carefully I think that, even though he was horrible to the native people and brought many bad things to them, he has also revolutionised the way we are today, and not all in a bad way.

Of the native Americans my view has also remained mostly the same, but I realise now that they are resilient even after what their people went through. They were handed a bad deck of cards and it has changed the future generations forever.

When reading through history we can try to be aware of bias by thinking to ourselves “Who’s side of the story is this?”, “How much of what happened is included here?”, and “How can I try and see from the other side of the story?”.

If I were to write about Columbus the themes I would focus on would try focus on both what was achieved through his journeys to America and how they have shaped the way we live today. I would try to look at how both sides may have lived if it had not been for these events.

The themes my reading choose included the trade between the new (America) and old (Europe) worlds and how it revolutionised them both.

First Post

Hello, my name is Audrey. I’m new to YIS and I came here four days ago from South Africa. I  am a little bit jet lagged. I have just been told to write a test blog post for my new school blog.



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