My perspective of columbus has changed, but not by much. In the past I thought of him as somebody who only brought bad to the native people, but I not not learned about it too in depth. Now that I have looked at it more carefully I think that, even though he was horrible to the native people and brought many bad things to them, he has also revolutionised the way we are today, and not all in a bad way.

Of the native Americans my view has also remained mostly the same, but I realise now that they are resilient even after what their people went through. They were handed a bad deck of cards and it has changed the future generations forever.

When reading through history we can try to be aware of bias by thinking to ourselves “Who’s side of the story is this?”, “How much of what happened is included here?”, and “How can I try and see from the other side of the story?”.

If I were to write about Columbus the themes I would focus on would try focus on both what was achieved through his journeys to America and how they have shaped the way we live today. I would try to look at how both sides may have lived if it had not been for these events.

The themes my reading choose included the trade between the new (America) and old (Europe) worlds and how it revolutionised them both.