I started to take piano lessons in 3rd grade, following the steps of my brother. I then had violin classes in school in 4th grade and continued in middle school. Now in high school, I have taken up the flute in the school Symphonic Band, joined the school choir at times, and consistently been a part of the school Jazz Combo. I have also been passionate about composing music, starting from 9th grade, and am looking to pursue composition in my future studies. Like this, music has been one of the main driving factors of my life, and I suspect that it will continue being that way.

When I joined high school, was when my music career jumped, as I became more invested in school performances (that were non-existent in middle/elementary school). I also began to learn music theory in class, and watched videos at home teaching myself further theory and ideas of music. It wasn’t so easy at the start as my knowledge, especially in harmony, were negligent, and I couldn’t engage much in leading or arranging songs in the bands I was a part of. However, throughout the years in high school, I began stacking many experiences of arranging, composing and performing on stage, becoming comfortable in doing those things. (Sidenote: It’s interesting how I still shake right when I sit down or stand next to my instrument on stage before performing, as with so many past performances, I should be used to it by now right?)

I also began learning jazz, a new genre of music, and became accommodated with the idea of improvising. Now, in my free time, I sit in front of the piano and improvise, relaxing my nerves of studying, or any problems I may have been facing in life. This improvisation has in part led me into pursuing composition, as the small ideas I come up with while improvising, comes in use when composing. I use these small ideas in order to create full pieces, through adding on more and more small ideas, and embellishing/editing them to fit together. Nowadays, I find interest in the different techniques and musical ideas I can use to portray certain feelings, settings or stories, in my compositions. In the future, I want to find new ideas/techniques of creating sounds and compositions, explore traditional instruments such as the koto, and find my own style of music, that I feel most connected to.

Jazz Combo performing at Play Perform Create (2018)