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GCD – Artistic Expression – Becoming A Musician

I started to take piano lessons in 3rd grade, following the steps of my brother. I then had violin classes in school in 4th grade and continued in middle school. Now in high school, I have taken up the flute… Continue Reading →

GCD – Intercultural Communication – Bilingualism and Cambodia

Being Bilingual: From when I was a child, I was already exposed to bilingualism. I lived in Australia for the first half of my life speaking and learning English in school, while I spoke Japanese at home. To be completely… Continue Reading →

GCD – Community Engagement- Varsity Volleyball

My volleyball team was a small but important community I was able to be a part of during my years of playing volleyball in the Varsity team. My volleyball endeavours as a school activity started in 11th grade when I… Continue Reading →

GCD – Global Understanding – Cambodia Trip

The Cambodia service trip allowed me to understand the difference in living conditions between Cambodia and Japan, and was able to educate me in terms of the various perspectives on connecting with other cultures, and helping developing countries. Through the… Continue Reading →

A Comparison Between Chinese and Swedish Instrumental Folk Music Recently, I have begun to wonder whether there are still similarities between originating from completely different cultures. This is where I came up with the idea of comparing folk music in… Continue Reading →

Personal Project Final Product: Piano and Violin Sonata Allegro

Bystander Effect (Matthew Carrington’s Case)

In the clip of Matthew Carrington’s situation, you can see how Matthews friends did not take any action on his dying friend. There may be possible factors that come into play as to why they did not take any action…. Continue Reading →

“Goals for the First Semester”

“Goals for the First Semester” Goal 1: Try to not prolong any of my homework or assessments until the day before it is due. – Arrange my own (early) due dates for my tasks, looking at my schedule and my workload. – Get into… Continue Reading →

Reflection: First Week of 9th Grade

Going into a new school and in high school, I was kind of worried and nervous about many things, just because there were many unknowns. I expected classes to be difficult and to not know things in classes such as… Continue Reading →

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