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Personal Goal: GCD


I have been working on my tumbling skills from level 1-4 for the past 6 years. It was my dream to do a level 5 tumbling skill someday and it is very advanced compared to level 4. Doing a Level 5 tumbling skill on a normal mat is an AMAZING thing because cheerleading is not a popular sport in Japan. People who can accomplish the skill nor stand on that level is pretty rare, statistically speaking; out of 100 people, only 2% of the people can manage to achieve full twist. It contains strong core-body and strength. It may also cause a lot of injuries therefore, I need to aware of my body when practicing.

My goal is to be able to to do a round-off full twist perfectly on a cheer mat with confident. I would like to accomplish my goal until next year February. It has been less than a year working on this tumbling skill and I am almost there. Usually, It takes me half a year to be confident and uses it in a competition, however, I realize this skill is not taking as much time as I thought. My plan to accomplish my goal is to go to a private tumbling class at least 4 times a month and practice for an hour. During my winter break, I would like to take my tumbling class for 2 hours and ask my mom to watch me so that she can give me comments. It would benefit me to know her side of view when I did bad and when I did well to analyze me strength and weakness.

Reflecting on the progress, I am able to do a twist on my own with no supporter. However, personally, I think I am scared to do it on my own because there is part of me where I think it is dangerous and has no trust in myself. Therefore, I make sure my coach would be next to me when something went bad. This shows I am still not confident in myself and I would like to change that soon. I can tell myself I am almost there to do it on a real cheerleading mat and not sprinkle.



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Nike Fighting within the reality


Nike Fighting within the reality

By Satono Toyaba

September 27th, 2018

Nike. Inc was founded in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knigh. It has been famous for a different kind of sportswear and its company is still going strong. Thanks to  “athleisure”, the fashion became even popular comparing to the old days. In yet, Nike is still a strong company however, they are slowly facing several challenges with slow growth and sales.

The web Business Insider published an article “Nike is facing unprecedented headwinds” on July 4, 2016, by Mallory Schlossberg. The main purpose of this article was to tell the audience about people’s interests and how Nike is a lack of sale. In this article, they have mentioned three main reasons why Nike is having issues in their business; 1. Competition against other companies. 2. Inventory problems and 3. Basketball losing strength.

The article from Business insider simply explained the unprecedented headwinds. One of them was “Competition against other companies.” According to Morgan Stanley, he has specifically pointed a competition against Adidas and Under Armour. Both companies promised a strong partnership. Adidas already has success with rapper Kanye West’s Yeezys, and Under Armour an MVP basketball Player Stephen Curry. Therefore, other companies are rapidly increasing their sale growth and catching up with Nike.

Moreover, Nike itself has an excess inventory which has a negative impact on the company. Nike president Trevor Edwards mentioned, “As we go into the next quarter we expect clearly to remain in excess inventory through our factory stores and also through select third-party value channels,” Therefore, if there are more supply and less demand, the company cannot earn money thus they are not making the profit.

Finally,  the company reported that their sales for basketball shoes dropped by 1% and the trend for basketball are slowing down. It is a major concern for Nike business because it accounts for 12% to 14%. Due to the fact of strong competition within other companies, inventory, and basketball trend, the issues raised in Nike is connected with cultural concepts. As a culture we have heightened our awareness towards appearance, therefore we value fashion. Adidas and Under armor supports/shares the same value of fashion called “Street style” which is very trendy among teenagers to adults. they have found a target audience in which they can successfully sell their products to, on the other hand, Nike still caters towards a more general audience and values the quality of the product and that is why they don’t have an effective consumer as other competitive companies.

In opinion, to succeed in Nike business the company should market themselves more. Comparing to other sports brands such as Adidas, according to Hypebeast, they spend more on marketing (pay more) than Nike. According to Reuters,Adidas spent 12.4 percent of its 2013 on sales and marketing, up from 12.1 percent.”(Emma) As shown in the graph 1, Adidas has grown 67% in 12 months by marketing themselves more. In yet, Nike’s year overgrowth is there but it is just not as (percentage wise) as high as Adidas.(Matt) In theory, it is better to market your business for a long time because, it prevents from reputation rots, more customers and secures your company’s future. Therefore, I can see why Adidas started and pays more money for marketing.

All in all, I still think Nike is a successful sports brand and yet it still will be. They just need to figure out more on their target audience and how they like to sell and promote their business. By solving those problems, I think they can catch up on their sales with the others.

Graph 1:


Archer, James. “Why Successful Companies Keep Investing in Ongoing Marketing.” Crowd Favorite, Crowd Favorite, 27 Sept. 2016,

(Graph 1) Peng, Matt. “Adidas Continues to Dominate Sales, Competitors Left in the Dust.”HYPEBEAST, HYPEBEAST, 8 Mar. 2017,

Schlossberg, Mallory. “Nike Is Facing Unprecedented Headwinds.” Business Insider, Business Insider, 4 July 2016,

Thomasson, Emma. “Analysis – Adidas Marketing Push an Uphill Battle against ‘Cool’ Nike.”Reuters, Thomson Reuters, 8 Aug. 2014,

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Personal Accomplishment


This year, my goal was to be in U15 Japan National Team and Advance All Japan’s National team for cheerleading. I’ve focused my whole year in grade 9 and summer break to accomplish my goal. Accomplishing a huge goal is not easy, especially mine. It is a win or a loss because it is depending on my future. In addition, if I fail, I told myself that I will quit cheerleading. Therefore, I suffered from a lot of things in my life; I couldn’t spend my fun and freedom with friends and I wanted to study in my future university for summer, however, I canceled it and focused on tumbling lessons.

To be in the team member I needed to pass my first test, which was held in July. There was our coach and a special guest member from America. He was in the most famous and strong All Star Team in California, and he was checking everyone’s skill. Sadly, The American Coach approved my individual skills such as tumbling and jumps but not my stunting skills because I can only do right side only. My heart was in pain and regretting how I was being nice to myself. I went for a vacation with my family and being a lazy person during summer. My brain was full of regrets and disappointment from all the work, I thought there would be no chance…  At the time when I decided myself to quit cheerleading, my mom told me I have another chance in August. My mom told me it is my choice if I want to fight again. It took me time but ended up going for another chance. Since I didn’t want to fail again, I always had my painful thoughts and feeling inside my heart and always planned my schedules ahead of time. My goal for the test on August was to show myself that I leveled up highly. Good news, I passed  Another tryout was held on December which was an actual final team member who will compete in the National competition in Japan during March and the member who will represent ” All Girls Japan” in the ICU and Worlds.

Good news, I passed the test and I am in the member of the team. I thought everything was done and will settle down but that was not true. The coaches gave us another test which was for them to pick the final member: the people who will be competing in the competition. I can finally say to myself that I am officially in the “ALL GIRLS TEAM JAPAN.”

Over the past five years, my dream was to compete in a competition in Florida that is held in ESPN called “ICU: The International Cheer Union which is recognized as a world governing the body of Cheerleading. There are 105  National Cheer Federation members / 3.5 million athletes on all continents, hosts World Championships consistently welcoming over 70 nations, many global continental and regional championships. However, there were rules as age-wise and levels to contribute in this ICU championship competition and it starts from fifth-teen is the years old.

Not only I have accomplished my own personal goal, I was able to achieve the hardest goal I have ever imagined. Our team goal was to compete in the finals and try to bring a medal home. It was unexpected due to the fact that Cheerleading in Japan is not a strong sport comparing to other countries Although, we were able to be in 3rd place for All Girls Junior Team in the ICU competition and 5th place for GIRLS ADVANCE TEAM.

All in all, I had a really fun time competing in both championships and I realized even more that cheerleading is MY SPORTS. It expresses about myself a lot and as people comment about me ” You always bring light and energy with your huge smile.” I will love to use my cheerleading skills to teach little kids and I want to keep on competing outside of Japan.

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Romeo’s Exposes His Love Life

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 3.26.18 PM

Romeo and Juliet Kissing By Ian Livesey hLivesey, Ian. “Romeo and Juliet – The Kiss.” Flickr. Yahoo!, n.d. Web. 21 Apr. 2016.

When we heard rumors about Romeo and Juliet, a lot of questions popped into all of our minds. Romeo is known to be dreamy, tender-hearted and a lovebird. Sadly, this week we heard some rumors that will break your heart involving his rival family’s daughter, Juliet Capulet. In addition, we found a scoop about him being banished from Verona! If you want to know more, we have dug  some secrets up about Romeo.

 So, there is some gossiping going on that there’s a special girl in your life right now. Tell me about her.  

Care, Rossano Aka Bud. "Romeo and Juliet (1936)." Flickr. Yahoo!, 14 Apr. 2014. Web. 24 Apr. 2016.

By: Rossano aka bud Care Care, Rossano Aka Bud. “Romeo and Juliet (1936).” Flickr. Yahoo!, 14 Apr. 2014. Web. 24 Apr. 2016.

[Laughs] Yes. She is very special and I don’t think I can live without her! Juliet is the fair daughter of rich Capulet. She’s younger than me and we met at the Capulet’s party. Before I met her, my heart was cracked into pieces. I was very sorrowful. When I saw  Juliet, she opened my heart and suddenly I got butterflies in my stomach. 

  Capulet’s daughter! They are your enemy, do you think your dad will allow your relationship with a Capulet?

Of course not. We’re enemies. He will kill me if he knows that I am in love with a Capulet! I don’t think he will understand how my feelings for her were very strong when I met her. It was love at first sight <3

  What was your first impression of her?  

By Eric Tong Tong, Eric. "Diamond." Flickr. Yahoo!, n.d. Web. 24 Apr. 2016.

Diamond Ring By Eric Tong
Tong, Eric. “Diamond.” Flickr. Yahoo!, n.d. Web. 24 Apr. 2016.

GORGEOUS! I fell in love at first sight, she is as rich as a fortune diamond.  The beauty is too rich for use, for earth too dear.

 What do you think about the Capulet’s being your enemies?   

[Laughs] Not so great. If we weren’t enemies, we could see each other whenever we want. We could also invite people to our wedding. Oh holiness, that would be so great!  

 What was the most challenging thing in your life with Juliet between you and Juliet?

The hardest thing in our relationship is us getting married and seeing each other secretly. Every time I see her, I don’t feel relaxed  because I need to be aware of my surroundings.  Don’t really know what’s gonna happen if someone sees us together…. [nervous laugh] 

Tell me more about Mercutio. Who is he?

Mercutio doesn’t care about love or romance. Basically, he doesn’t get love.
He is an anti- romantic person but he’s funny and he’s the life of the party. He makes fun of my dreamy love but he makes me happy and cheerful.

 What is one thing you have regretted in the past?  

When I killed Tybalt, which was the most stupid thing I have ever done in my life. I made myself look bad and I created an extremely bad relationship between my family, Montague, and Juliet’s family, Capulet. I was banished from my home. But my mind was full of anger and madness when Tybalt killed my friend Mercutio.  

Thanks for sharing. Finally, who helped you the most? Tell us about that.

Of course, my cousin Benvolio. He is such a nice and chill guy. He was always there for me and always thinking about me when I was depressed or when things were not going alright. He knows me really well. Too well.  He always pays attention to me. Thanks to him, he convinced me to crash the Capulet’s party, which made my depression about my ex-love, Rosalina, fade away. He told me to check out some other women at the party and  I realized that she’s not worth it.

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Clouds for Alma: Spring Concert 2015


On March 11ty 2016, our school had a spring koto concert. Our koto class worked on the piece ‘Clouds for Alma’ through December to March. At this concert, there were various level and ages who of performed which made the concert entertaining. As a reminder, March 11th is an important day in Japan, as we throwback to 2011, there was a 4.5 magnitude earthquake and a tsunami that happened in Tohoku. More than 10000 million of people died and has suffered from a huge damage. It’s been 5 years since the earthquake but The Japanese people still can’t never forget this event. I think this day was a great day to perform since it strongly showed a Japanese culture.

Reflecting back to my performance, I think I did an awesome job! This is because I focused on the level of the tone and I perfectly counted the melodies while I was playing. When I was playing this piece, I felt relaxed and I actually thought I was flying and watching the clouds. 

Firstly, I focused on playing the right strings and getting the music stuck in my head.  When times flies, I focued on thinking about the timing and speed ( piano and forte.) In addition, my main focus at the very end was playing the last movement  which is page 4 measure 774. I had struggled playing this because my hands didn’t move really fast and I always play the wrong string because my fingers get stuck.
Before the concert, I missed some classes on Thursday because I had cheerleading practice. Sadly, I couldn’t really practice as a group during March and I felt really bad. By this, I practiced at home a lot and listen to the recording because I didnt want to めいわくする.  I practiced more than an hour and keep on playing the same thing over and over again. My head was full of worries but A week before the concert, when I practiced with everyone, I realized I was able to play and synchronize with everyone and happily, I was able to play movement 4 perfectly. I was really really happy!!!!

To be honest, I think I took too much time to memorize the 4th movement since I was so forcued on movement 1 to 3 because I couldn’t play it perfectly. So next time I would like to memorize the piece at an earlier time. I realized it is really easy to memorize the piece first so that we can think about the tempo, the pitch, and syncniying with others. In addition, I learned that you can feel 安心. In a minimalist pieces, it includes a lot of repetition of patterns which are hard to keep track of and while playing we need to count, therefore it is hard to look at the music piece and count at the same time. All in all, I think  I shoud have memorized my piece ealier.

I think our group performance was successful because luckily, we were all syncronized and ended at the same time in movement one. Furthermore,  our dynamics enhanced the whole piece and I think everyone was listening to each other. I saw people having eye contact to each other and this tells me they were listening and being careful of not going too fast or slow. Our dynamics in movement two  were very soft, and the loud part were strong and clear.

Overall, I think I played really well and I am really sad that we cannot play this piece anymore since piece uses fingers the whole time and I have never played a piece that only uses fingers in this 5 years. But I am kind of happy at the same time that my hands will not have blisters and so on.  For me, practicing many, many times worked, because my fingers and ears would remember better and my hands just keep on moving. Also, practicing with the metronome as helped me because it gives you the steady beat all the way and you will know when you are fast or slow. I think, playing with the recorded music didn’t help me because it was really fast and I couldn’t hear myself playing.




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Over the winter break, my goal was to  play page 3 from the top until page 4 measure 13 very smoothly. I have some hard times finding the right string and using both of my hands at the same time. I will try and practice 3 times a week. If I success my goal, I would practice with a metronome or with a music. To reflect on my video I have recorded today, I didn’t successfully achieved my goal. I think this because there were still some places I get stuck on and finding the string. I feel like I do better in class more than playing it alone at home. I can feel the beat and I have a sense of me playing the right string more than at home. I can synchronize with others. To think positively, I do reckon I succeeded some of my goals at some part of the music. I think I got better at playing page 4 measure 11-13. The place where I need to use both hands and play 8 and 11 at the same time. Previously, I had struggles getting the beat and changing my hands to 8 and 10. Now I can play that part smoothly. In addition, in page 4  my left hand didn’t stop and I had my beat at the right tempo.

I think my practice strategies during the break was okay. I forgot my music folder in my friends backpack therefore, I didn’t have my music book. Even though I didn’t have one, I tested whether I can actually play the music with no music paper, and I did. To check myself if I was right, I listen to the music over and over again and Imagine myself playing.  I also hummed when I am bored. This strategies helped me with keeping the tempo right and moving my arms made me catch up than the previous video. To make this better, not just imagining myself playing I should play more and more when I have free time and ask my friends to play with me. This will also work on synchronization, teamwork and listening skills.


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Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 11.11.58 PM




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My Goal until winter break


My goal in this semester and until winter break would be playing page 3 from the top until page 4 measure 13 very smoothly. I have some hard times finding the right string and using the both of my hands at the same time. I will try and practice 3 days in a week. If I success my goal, I would practice with a metronome or with a music.

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Why didn’t they help?


On February 2, 2005, a young man named Matthew Carrington died in the basement of the fraternity house of Chi Tau. He had 4 friends with him and was forced to drink water from a five-gallon jug of water, which was refilled over and over. Furthermore, he was calisthenics ( push-ups & sit-ups) with fans blasted icy air. His groups of friends were ridiculed for hours, being forced trivia quizzes. Suddenly, Carrington collapsed but Fraternity members thought he was just asleep so they didn’t initially call an ambulance, but one of his friends tries to call but didn’t press the button on the phone. By the time they thought/realized he was not breathing, it was too late… He was pronounced dead because of water intoxication. (SFGATE)

Obviously, Matthew Carrington would not have died if the members of fraternity called the ambulance immediately when he passed out. If, one person was brave enough to call, they could have saved a life that night. Even though they thought he was just “asleep,” just in case they should have take actions. However, we should understand their point of view at that time. They were having bystander effect. Usually, when people are alone, you encounter an emergency, you are more likely to take immediate action, while if you are one of the many witnesses in a similar situation, you are less likely to do so. This is called the bystander effect.

Furthermore, when you are with a group of members nor surrounded with a lot of people around you, our responsibilities get divided amongst that group therefore, we don’t feel the need for us to do something because we suspect that someone else will take care of it anyway. Following to the video here, the fraternity members persuaded each other that Matt was fine or he is just sleeping in which have stopped them as individuals from calling the ambulance.


Vega, Cecilia M. “Horrifying Details in Hazing Death / Police Arrest 5 — Chico State May Abolish Fraternities.” SFGATE. Chronicle Staff Writer, 5 Mar. 2005. Web. 10 Dec. 2015.

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Job Interview Reflection



私は日本語で話すと自分が言いたいことが言えなかったり、遠回しで言うことがあります。頭の中では英語の単語が先に浮かび日本語で何って言うか忘れることがあります。例えば “Collage” 誰かが ” 大学”って言ってくれるば意味もわかるので大丈夫でした。インタビューをやってる時に良く同じ事を2回話していた感じが私の頭の中で印象が残っているので、今度又インタビューをやる時は、きちんと頭の中で整理し、もっと準備するべきです。良かった所は、細かく話した事と、笑顔で自分のアピールができたことです。後はきちんとマナーや挨拶をできたことです。みんなはパトナーで何回も練習をしていましたが、私は何の質問が出てくるのがわからなかったのでちょっと緊張していました。だが、きちんとスクリプトを見なすコミュニケーションを取れたので自分の中では良くできたと思いました。これからの目標はつっかえないでもっとすらすらと話すことです。


Word count: 513

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