September 2012 archive

Fitness Test

We should test our fitness because

1.we can set goals

2. try to make our bodys healthy

We did these test for 1 minute.

Power test: I jumped 32 centimeters.

Flexibility Test: I reached 43  centimeters .

Co-ordination, Cardio Vascular Endurance and Agility Test: Burpee Jump 26 times.

Hight Check: 150 centimeters.

Push up’s and sit up  Test : For push up test I got 20 times. For sit up I did 21 times.

I got a normal weight and hight for my BMI



Cooper Test Cardio Vascular Endurance

We went  to  Minatonomieruokakouen and we ran a 200m lap as much as we could for 12 minutes.

I ran 9 laps and ran 1800.

We ran because we want to test our cardio vascular endurance if it is strong.

If I was 12 years old, I got a average amount of meters.

It was hard to keep running for 12 minutes.