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Looking Forward to Field Studies

Next week we are going to Hakuba. I am really excited to do fun things like going on air balloon,canoeing, climbing on the mountain, rock climbing and lot more things too. Im worried about climbing on the mountain. I think I have been to Hakuba before but I don’t remember. I am looking forward to ride on the hot air balloon because it’s my first to ride on it. I hope we can have a wonderful Field Studies.

                                                                                                 This is the place that we are staying ♥

IB learning profile 

I think Saya is really principal and caring because she always take responsible of her self actions,she always care about her friends, she’s always organize with her stuff, and sometimes honesty to her best friend too♥

Early Human Talk Show

Reflection: In humanity class we took this video because we were learning about early humans.I pretended to be a Australopithecus afarensis for a interview about them self. I think I did I very good job because I communicate clearly, my script is organized and I think I did a good job on answering my question. Am proud of myself by talking loudly then last year. My goal is to look at the camera then looking at the script.


6A Satono from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

Investigate Reflection

During this six weeks, I worked on three things. That is learning about word press, blog research and brainstorm. These words are important to know how to comment on things, changing the themes, how to post or save the draft and how you can make your blog better. I notice that if we didn’t know how to do these basics you can’t make a good blog.

First, we worked on blog researching. We looked at people’s blogs and find out if you like it or not , what is good about this blog and why is it important. One thing I wrote is about how one girl put the category neat. I think it is important because people will know where shall they go. If the category are together we can’t read it. I learned that I can put videos that is not for school work for example top three music videos or sports too. Also I need to have a good front, background, designs and to be neat to get people’s attention to read my blog.

Second, we worked on our brainstorm.

                                                                                                                    We worked on them because if we didn’t have any ideas or you don’t know what I supposed to do, I can check my brainstorming again then I don’t have to think again.


Finally, we worked on word press. We learned how to use our blog for example if I don’t know how to make a new categorize I can check my learning word press then I think it will say the information.

The most important criteria for me is writing, about your self and information. It’s really dangerous when you write about your self some times on your blog because the hole word is looking at your blog and even strangers too. If you write your hobby, what you like to do, and your favorite songs are ok,but when you write about your birthday, where you live,I’m not sure but your age and lots of private stuff, some one might act as you or some thing will might happened to you. I think Information is important too because you have enough information because then the reader will not understand what you mean and they will not look at your blog because it is boring. Then writing. Writing is important because it it doesn’t make sense people won’t read it.

If you want to check these things for writing and information, you can check your writing again and again if your writing and information has good grammar, spelling,punctuation and has to make sense. If you’re not confident, you can ask your friend or teacher to check. About your self,you can check by  thinking to yourself if you can say this to people that you don’t know or tell an adult if it’s ok to say these things.

I think I did a very good job on writing the reflection and my brainstorm. I think my brainstorm is pretty neat and colorful.I learned that when you comment I have to say why I like this and be more pacifically and learned that you can’t write like face book comments. I want to learn how to make one post privately and how to put calendars on your blog. I want to improve more by take the readers’ attention.

P.E Essay

We did fitness for four weeks. I learned lots of words like Cardio-vascular Endurance,Flexibility, Body Composition and Muscular Strength. First I didn’t know what does these word mean but now I learned it. Cardio-vascular Endurance means about how strong your heart is, your lungs and your blood. You can test Cardio-vascular Endurance by swimming,running,basket ball and lots of  sports too. You can time  them by counting how many laps you can go. If you know the answer search in the internet and you will know your average. If it’s very bad keep on working hard and you can set some goals. Flexibility means to be flexible and to do a splits or any kind of skills. You can test then by  touching your food on your head by not hurting your self or you can touch the ground. If your not happy, you should stretch after taking a bath and  before when  you get to sleep. Another way is to go to Yoga class then I think you will get flexible. Muscular Strength means two  important parts of your body’s, ability to move and weight. You can test Muscular Strength by going to a gym class and do weight lifting. If your doing sports I think Muscular Strength, Flexibility and Cardio-vascular Endurance are very important to your bones because If we didn’t have those we are week. For example If you are doing cheerleading you have to have Muscular Strength because you have to lift people up and be flexible because you have to jump high and do a back flip or a round of you have to be flexible. There are lots of sports that need these four things for example Volley ball, cheerleading,soccer, tennis, badminton and etc.   


To be fit you have to have a good Cardio Vascular Endurance, to be healthy, exercising and have a good bone and having a energy. If you exercise a lot you will have a fun life. We should test our fitness because we can know that our  body is strong or not, we can set goals and try to make our body’s healthy too. In class we did lots of test to find out is your body strong. First we did Cooper Test Cardio Vascular Endurance. We went  to  Minatonomieruokakouen and we ran a 200m lap as much as we could for 12 minutes. Next we did Fitness Test.  Then we did Power test,   Flexibility Test, Co-ordination Cardio Vascular Endurance and Agility Test, Hight and weight Check, and Push up’s and sit up  Test.For me push up was the hardest because you use your muscle and hands. And the easy part was was power test because you have to just jump and it’s fun. I learned that girls have a smaller heart than boys. My Favorite part in fitness was making your own stretch with a partner and take turns.It was very fast to finish fitness,it was a very good experience for me and I think My body is stronger than last time but I need to improve my running.

My Goal is to run two laps in Nigishi park and don’t stop and keep running So I will practices on the week ends and my other goal is to do a back flip 2 times. I wil practices all the time when I get home or when I have cheerleading class.


My wordle

I think my family is a important thing in my life because they care about each other and they are always by your side and help you when you need them.


I think im always energetic because my best friends said so. Im always energetic when Im with my friends and go some where with them.