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Drama Reflection


The last month in drama, we have been doing different improvised storytelling games in groups. There were some games where you had to think of one sentence each and then out all that into a logical story. In storytelling I have learned how I can make up a story while my group is telling it […]

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Improv Tournament Reflection


In this few month, We were learning 4 games for the competition. The game is called space jump, Expert Double Fingers, Die story Die and Statues. On November 28 we did a competition. I was with Saya, Dan and Idan. We were allowed to choose two games so we picked Space jump and Expert double Fingers. I think we […]

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Create Reflection


In technology class in this two weeks we were making About ME page  in our blog and we updated our widgets and we created a navigation menu that include all the page and categories. My back round theme                                         […]

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It was September afternoon,when we started reading Holes. We finished this book on November.  Holes is by Louis Sachar.  This is my refections about How I did and what should I improve. When I recorded this video, I think I did a good job on explaining how I did and what should improve. Also I think […]

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Plan Reflection


In this last four weeks, we were learning about how to grow a blog and we design what we would like to be in a real blog. Also we have learned these thing because we can know what goal should we work on and we can try to design what you draw and pick a similar […]

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koto video


I think i did I pretty good job on recording this video because I kind of stopped  but I played on. The difficult part for me was the last part because I don’t practice that part. I should have improve by showing my face and try not to stop.      

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Who loves music???!!!!!!!!


Going the wrong direction


This morning we went canoeing in the lake. We had to make 1 group of 3 people and I was with Saya and Emily.T. I was in the middle, Saya was at the back and Emily was at the front. I wasn’t my first time do ride a canoe but I was not good at […]

Rock climbing


On the October 18th 1 group went to rock climbing and the other group went to clean up the river. I went to rock climbing first. This is my second time to rock climb. I climb on the easiest one first. I didn’t go to the top because the rocks were to small to climb on. […]

Mountain biking


The next day, we splited in 2 groups and 1 group first went to canoeing in the lake for group 2 they went mountain biking and then  we switched. I was in group 1. It was  a long time I didn’t ride a bike so I was excited♥ My bike color was red and white. […]

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