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Drama Reflection

The last month in drama, we have been doing different improvised storytelling games in groups. There were some games where you had to think of one sentence each and then out all that into a logical story.

In storytelling I have learned how I can make up a story while my group is telling it to a another person.  But you have to listen to other people while your talking so this game was hard for me. What I have done in Improvised Storytelling will help me a lot in drama class  also the  next year and so on.

 I learned a lot of things from doing improvised storytelling in the physical and co-operative storytelling ( Improvisation Tournament). I improved  a lot then we started this game. I improved on my thinking skills and listening but i think I should improve on my voice because I couldn’t hear what I said in this video. 

I can use all these skills when we  performance so that the story can make sense and the audience will not get board. 



Improv Tournament Reflection

In this few month, We were learning 4 games for the competition. The game is called space jump, Expert Double Fingers, Die story Die and Statues.
On November 28 we did a competition. I was with Saya, Dan and Idan. We were allowed to choose two games so we picked Space jump and Expert double Fingers. I think we were pretty good on performing because we spook loud and clearly.    For me Die story was the hardest because I can’t make up the title and its not only me. Also theres a conductor that points at us and I don’t know when is my turn so I have to listen carefull and to  be ready to talk. My favorite game was space jump because it is easy to make a new cense.

I should improve my performance by looking at the audience , bowing when we are finish and using some hand gester.   I could use this knowledge skills by

Out of ten for criterion C I think I will get a 7 because I think I did a pretty good job in my scenes but I made some mistakes for example like I said before not bowing at the end and looking at the audience.
How could you use the skills of this game for performance?

This is our group when we were doing Space jump

This is when we did Expert Double Fingers



Create Reflection

In technology class in this two weeks we were making About ME page  in our blog and we updated our widgets and we created a navigation menu that include all the page and categories.

My back round theme                                               I am very proud of my theme and design because fire works make me smile when am sad and we can make memories.   I like to look at fireworks at night and If its winter we can’t see fire works any more its only for summer. But if I put the picture of a fire work for my back round, I can see it all day and I can remember my memories when I saw the fire works with my friends and family. Also my back round stands out and I think my back rounds is cool so I think people can see my blog more.

The thing I am  most proud of my blog is the categories and the widgets because I like how the categories is not in the boxes and its like it is written by paper. I think It is really creative. For my widgets I am very proud of my total Visitor. I think for the total visitor the back rounds is so realistic and the birds is moving.

who has visited 

I am very sad about this theme some times because it dosen’t have a header. I heard that it depends on what your them is but I wish there a way that I can put a header in my blog. Next time I want to learn how to put peace sign on your blog. Not for my back rounds but at the right of the thing that has categories and stuff.



It was September afternoon,when we started reading Holes. We finished this book on November.  Holes is by Louis Sachar.  This is my refections about How I did and what should I improve. When I recorded this video, I think I did a good job on explaining how I did and what should improve. Also I think I spoked clearly and loudly.


Plan Reflection

In this last four weeks, we were learning about how to grow a blog and we design what we would like to be in a real blog. Also we have learned these thing because we can know what goal should we work on and we can try to design what you draw and pick a similar kind of theme and make it as your blog.I learned that it’s not possible to have these blog’s that I designed.


I choose this theme because my favorite color is green and I thought green matches my design. Also green doesn’t stand out that much ( thats ok) because I want people to look at my post more than my back round. But I thought that it’s boring just to have a green back round and I want to have more people to look at my blog so I put sun shine peace sign and other things too to make it interesting. It represents me that I like Music and peace sign and it show I like creative things.

I want to learn how to put a clock in my blog. I will learn it by experimenting and see what works the best best and Look at peoples blog. Also I will tell a teacher or a friend. Another thing I want to learn is to put a thing that tells me that who’s looking at my blog in other countries too. I will learn it by looking at some videos, tell an adult and google it.

My favorite part and my challenge part of this unit was designing my blog because  I like to draw but it was hard for me to think what my blog should look like . I think my work was pretty well because I did my best.





koto video

I think i did I pretty good job on recording this video because I kind of stopped  but I played on. The difficult part for me was the last part because I don’t practice that part. I should have improve by showing my face and try not to stop.




Going the wrong direction

This morning we went canoeing in the lake. We had to make 1 group of 3 people and I was with Saya and Emily.T. I was in the middle, Saya was at the back and Emily was at the front. I wasn’t my first time do ride a canoe but I was not good at directions. First it was hard  and we went the wrong way and the boat was going around but when we peddle for like 15 minutes we got used to it and had a better teamwork then the frist time. When we had rest ours Saya and I walked on the rocks with no shoes on it but everybody did. We were taking a long time for a one step. And finally Saya didn’t swam but I did. The water was cold like a I was in the North pole. And we went back into our canoe and Peddle.  Our hand got tired but we didn’t give up. The boat got faster and faster because we had teamwork. I think I was a communicator because if we communicate we have a good teamwork and we got back at  Aokiko. 


Rock climbing

On the October 18th 1 group went to rock climbing and the other group went to clean up the river. I went to rock climbing first. This is my second time to rock climb. I climb on the easiest one first. I didn’t go to the top because the rocks were to small to climb on. It was really scary when we walked down. I thought that Im going to fall and break my knee. Then I tried on the middam one. For the middam one It looks easy but it wasn’t. I tried but you need power to climb on it. I think I was a thinker when I rock climbed because  I was thinking where should I put my foot and hands on the rocks.  

Mountain biking

The next day, we splited in 2 groups and 1 group first went to canoeing in the lake for group 2 they went mountain biking and then  we switched. I was in group 1. It was  a long time I didn’t ride a bike so I was excited♥ My bike color was red and white. There were lots of hills!!! For the first hill,It was easy to go up but when we went more far it wasn’t easy for me and my friends too. One of the hills were very hard to go up. My energy was empty because of this hill. SO I keep getting of and on. 🙁  But we made it. My favorite part  was a bumpy place. For the bumpy place it was hard to pedal and it was a Narrow path so it was hard to control. I think I was caring because I didn’t bump into people, also If one person is slow I didn’t cut him or her.  Also my favorite part was going superfast down the hills. After  30minutes past, my bottom was hurting hardly that I didn’t want to seat any more. But I tried and didn’t wained. Finally we came back. I wish that I can mountain bike with my friends again♠ 🙂 

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