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My Drama speech!!!

In drama class we did talked for one minute about ” what we are interested. I talked about cheerleading because it is my passion. My speech was about one minute and fifteen seconds.  
I think my volume was pretty good because I can hear my voice not softly and I think my pitch was low. My pace was a little fast and I think I didn’t pause that much. I think my inflection wasn’t good because it went up then really down. I think I didn’t have any – emphasis. Also projection, I think my voice was not loud enough because when I was hearing my speech my voce was going up and DOWN and my voce was getting really soft. 
I should improve for my next speech is that, dont laugh when i’m talking. Dont dance. I want trying to dance but my hands just moves. Also don’t mumble. Finally, BOW to the audience.

6A Drama: 1 Min Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.



Greek and Roman Gods

                                           Roman Gods 


In Roman, lots of people believe in many different gods and goodness. In this site they said ” The Romans gods were from a strange mixture of influences. Before Rome became a big city, the area around it, called Latium, was settled my superstitious villagers, the Latins, who believed in many gods and spirits. As Rome grew into a city and began to become more powerful it came into contact with the Greeks, who had a complex Pantheon of their own.”

In this site they said, ” Roman religion every household had its own personal spirits which protected it. Thelares were the spirits of the family’s ancestors. And the penates were kind spirits who garded the larder. Little figurines of these spirits were kept in a small household shrine, called the lararium. The spirits would be worshipped by the family on special days. Bits of food or wine might be sacrificed to them.”

In this site they said” The Romans knew of seven bright objects in the sky, the Sun, the Moon and five planets. They named them after their most important gods.”



This god is called Diana. She has brother called Apollo. He was the god of sun.  Diana was the goddess of hunting and a goddess of the moon. Her solar system is the moon. Diana carried a bow and some arrows. She was the goddess of hunting. Once she was bathing in a forest pool. A hunter called Actaeon spied on her. So Diana turned him into a stag and he was chased by his own hunting dogs. She helped women in child-birth, because her mother Leto gave birth to her and her twin brother so easily.






This god is called Saturn. Saturn was god of Time and his weapon was a scythe. He is called Old Father      Time. His solar system are Saturn the slowest planet. Saturn ruled the gods before  jupiter , Neptune and   Pluto were his children. They represent Air, Water and Death, the three things that Time cannot kill. The Romans had a mid-winter festival in honor of Saturn, called the Saturnalia. It lasted seven days, and there was much merrymaking. Public business was suspended and schools were closed. Parents gave toys to their children and there was a public banquet. That is why we eat so much at Christmas, give presents and go to parties.










Technology Tutorial investigation Reflection

In this project  our task was about ” Tutorial”. We have to search for ” favorite tutorials” in You tube. We talked about  What did the creator do well, what was good, What was hard to understand and what did you learned.  Then we have  to  imbed the video that we liked in our blog post.





Then we have to comment on people’s blog. I’ve commented on Saya’s blog, Emma. D blogs and Nao’s blog.

In Nao’s blog he liked the tutorial called “How to Delete Your YouTube Account”

What did you learn from this tutorial? Why?

I learned that it doesn’t take time to delete your account.

What makes it a good tutorial? Why?
I liked how this tutorial highlighted what he/she is going to press. That is good because it tells people more easily where to go.

What would be difficult to learn from this tutorial? Why?
It could been helpful by zooming it more so that we can see it clearly.
2. He should have added his voice so that we can understand.

In Saya’s blog, I’ve commented the tutorial called ” how to draw Homer simpson”

I learned, how to draw Homer simpson mouth.I liked how he explane really pacifically. That is good because people will know more easily.It could been helpful by talking and drawing a little bit slowly so that people wont get rushed and they could understand more.

In Emma’s blog, I commented on a tutorial called” How to make a popsicle soap”.

I learned that you can’t just buy a square soap that sells every shop. You will need a special soap. Also I learned that you can’t just put the liquid in the popsicle shape. You have to put a oil really carefully. I like how she’s said the materials first. That is good because it tells people that theres a special stuff that we have to use. Also I liked how she explained her step really detail. THat is good because people will know really easily. Well her tutorial was really good, but I think she should have improve by talking a little bit fast.
I would like to try this at home. :)


Finally, we all did our google presentation. Mine was about “How to put a widget on your blog. I think my google presentation is clear because I talked all the stept that will be needed and I didn’t put lots of words. Also I put lots of pictures and put an  row pointing whats important.