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My Drama speech!!!

In drama class we did talked for one minute about ” what we are interested. I talked about cheerleading because it is my passion. My speech was about one minute and fifteen seconds.   I think my volume was pretty good because I can hear my voice not softly and I think my pitch was low. My…

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Greek and Roman Gods

                                           Roman Gods    In Roman, lots of people believe in many different gods and goodness. In this site they said ” The Romans gods were from a strange mixture of influences. Before Rome became a…

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My Sakura Medal Book Review Podcast

Do you like fun, enthusiastic book reviews? If so, you will LOVE my podcast review of ‘Okay for Now’ by Gary D. Schmidt This is a Sakura Medal book that I read in English class. We wrote scripts and prepared our podcasts, so hope you enjoy 🙂 Podcast Powered By Podbean


Technology Tutorial investigation Reflection

In this project  our task was about ” Tutorial”. We have to search for ” favorite tutorials” in You tube. We talked about  What did the creator do well, what was good, What was hard to understand and what did you learned.  Then we have  to  imbed the video that we liked in our blog post.    …

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