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Technology Tutorial Reflection

In this few months, we were making a tutorial.We  did only a few things We first discussed, ” what is a storyboard and what gear storyboard are. Then we made a storyboard about your topic and mytopic is about doing a elevator stands then doing a pop. (These are skills for cheerleading).

My partner thought that my storyboard has a  Title, List of materials and it’s  step by step because I have a title im my storyboard, I draw materials what we need and it’s step by step because I draw what I’m going to show in my storyboard.


I think my my storyboard is the best because, I pacifically  drew what Im going to show. Also I showed  what materials are needed to do a stands. Also I talked about good Information and what you have to do.   I said bend your knees and I drew what hand shape you have to use when a person in on your hands. Also I think said it is important to look at the another base not the top because if you want to put her down we kind of need  to have eye contacts. Finally I think I said when we are doing pop, if I pushed my top person up, you have to get ready to catch her and where should you hod her.                                                                                                                                                        Then I know that my viewer is learning because my storyboard is Step- by -step and I zoom my hands what pose should they do.

This is my Storyboard

Then we made a timeline on what I need to do before filming. What I need to learn is that, If I was doing a stands and I was talking loud but in the video if I couldn’t hear my voice, I need to learn how to make my voice louder in I Movie. I can learn this by asking my technology teacher.


To conclude, I am very excited to film my tutorial because I never made a tutorial before. Also I think it is interesting and fun to do this unit. I don’t usually make a video and post it in youtube.  Also I am worried about my stands. If we were filming and when I couldn’t catch my top person I have to film this again.


Drama The Best Speech

In drama class, we made a 1minute ~ 2 minute speech and we presented to whole class.Our  first speech was suppose to be about our passion and my speech was about cheerleading! I choose cheerleading because it’s my passion and I LOVE IT <3   After that, we did another speech about an IMPORTANT person in your family, friends, neighbor and tacher. I talked about my BEST FRIEND.  I think my BEST SPEECH was “Giving Topic Speech” because I looked at the audience and I didn’t move my body when I was speaking. I like this speech more than my first speech because we were allow to use palm card.  For this speech,  I should  of have put emotions and speak more loudly because if I put some emotions it will get peoples attentions. I should  improve on my voice.

This is my speech I like

6A Drama: Given Topic Speech from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


I also thought that Emma’s speech was good because she pause in a right timing and she spoked clearly.

This is her speech

6A Drama: Given Topic Speech6A Drama: Given Topic Speech from YIS Arts on Vimeo.